All Glass Aquariums 90 Gallon Tank – Review & Spec

This 90 Gallon aquarium in black with a MegaFlow Overflow system comes to you from AllGlass Aquariums, and is perfectly designed, with maximum water flow allowed to the main filter system and a reduction of cascading water sounds.

Capacity90 Gallons
Dimensions48.5" Length x 18.5" Width x 25.4" Width
Type of HabitatAquatic / Reptile (Removing megaflow)
What's included?-
Price$$$$ - Pre-drilled tank with overflow.

For anyone serious about owning fish, a 90 gallon tank is a great choice because it is large enough to accommodate many different species and This is one of the best. Made out of glass and black bracings, this tank is strong enough to accommodate all of your accessories and decorative items, your substrate and however many fish you can put in that can be supported within the 90 gallon habitat.

The way that this innovative tank works is by drawing water from the surface as well as from the midrange and lower levels of your aquarium and this means that the circulation and filtration of the water is more effective than with other tanks. This tank works much better than comparable tanks, with a maximum flow rate of GPH with every overflow. The MegaFlow system needs to be secured to the bank wall of the aquarium with silicone to reach maximum efficiency.

MegaFlow is the system that filters the best, with unfiltered water passing through the drainpipe and out of the tank to the sump system with the filtered water getting pumped back into the tank at the highest available GPH available. The price is unbeatable for a tank this size.

Perfecto 93 Gallon Frame-less Cube Aquarium – Reviewed

This Perfecto 93 Gallon Tank is a frameless near-cube that measures 30 inches by 30 inches by 25 inches and weighs about 140 pounds before shipping materials. What that means for you is that is is a sturdy and solid 93 gallon aquarium that will perfectly fit your needs, no matter what type of fish that you are planning to keep in it.

Capacity93 Gallons
Dimensions30" Length x 30" Wide x 24" High
Type of HabitatAquatic
What's included?Scratch resistant glass
Price$$$$ - Frame-less modern design

This tank features Corner-Flo technology and has a lifetime warranty if you use it with an aquarium stand that is intended to hold the weight. It also gives you an extra three gallons for some added space and that will make you the envy of even those with 80 or 90 gallon aquarium tanks.

This is a Marineland product, the parent company of fine names in the aquarium industry like Tetra and Perfecto, the brand name of this particular product. This redesigned cube features modern, sleek and stylish lines without black plastic frames that make your tank look cheap and take away from the appearance of the aquatic habitat.

Customers love these frame-less environments for that very reason – they are absolutely gorgeous and they are compatible with fine Marineland products like LED and fluorescent lighting as well as over the tank filters, canister filters and many other products as well as décor and accessories.

Starfire Rimless 80 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium – Review & Spec

When it comes to 80 gallon aquariums there aren’t many better than the 80 gallon StarFire aquarium with center overflow. It is a huge aquarium that measures 32 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches and has a number of features and accessories that go along with it. The rectangle shaped Starfire rimless tank features 10mm thick glass designed to give you a crystal clear visual your expect from your aquarium whilst (obviously) supporting the weight of the water.

Capacity80 Gallons
Dimensions32" Length x 24" Wide x 24" High
Type of HabitatAquatic
Warranty3 Years.
What's included?Pre-drilled, 1" Drain Bulkhead, 1/2" return bulkhead, Return T Pipe (dual return), Loc Lines, Durso Stand Pipe
Price$$$ - Stunning modern tank.

It has an overflow box already built-in that features pre-drilled drain and return holes that you can connect to your sump and a 1” drain bulkhead and a ½” return bulkhead are both included. Also, the Starfire includes a return T-Pipe (dual return) and a Durso stand pipe and Loc lines. It has everything that you need to set up your aquarium and begin raising any species of fish that you desire.

Starfire Fish Tank Setup Instructions

The dimensions of this tank means that it is large enough for even your most eclectic habitat with all of the accessories that you need to create your perfect saltwater, freshwater or planted aquarium. This 80 gallon Starfire aquarium is sure to please even the experienced fish owner and will make a beautiful centerpiece for any living room.

Deep Blue Professional 90-Gallon Reef Ready Tank – Review & Spec

The Deep Blue Professional ADB18090 90 gallon reef ready tank is large enough to accommodate your favorite species of large fish as well as having multiple fish. This product is manufactured by one of the largest names in the industry, Deep Blue Professional and it is made in the United States.

Capacity90 Gallons
Dimensions48" Length x 18" Width x 24" Width
Type of HabitatAquatic
What's included?Compact corner overflow pre-filter, pre-drilled drain & return holes, complete plumbing kits, and patented Floodgate technology.
Price$$$ - Good quality tank.

Now your fish can swim in style with the 90 gallon reef ready tank from Deep Blue. You can have a living room centerpiece to be proud of when you set up this huge tank and populate it with your favorite species. It features just what you need to start your own reef tank and raise a population of marine fish that anyone would be proud of.

Deep Blue Reef Ready 90 Gallon Tank

There are a number of advantages to having a reef ready tank like this. There is a reduction in head loss on your return pump when you use a reef ready tank because the holes are already built-in. Besides, an overflow box saves space and looks much better and another advantage to having it already built in is that it decreases your chance of flooding. For serious fish owners who want to have fish with as little hassle as possible a reef ready tank is the perfect choice and you can count on Deep Blue Professional to make a quality product at a fair price.