Deep Blue Professional 75 Gal Reef Ready Aquarium ADB11075 – Review & Spec

The Deep Blue Professional ADB11075 is a 75 gallon tank that is reef ready and is made of durable glass, measuring 48 inches by 18 inches by 20 inches and is an aquarium built to a standard and made to last. The construction consists of the thickest glass that you can get without any distortions so it can support the weight of the water and the rest of your decorations and substrate without any problems, but without causing any distortion when you look through it. This aquarium is made by Deep Blue Professional, so it is built to DB standards for quality aquarium and marine products.

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This aquarium is designed to impress and look amazing no matter which room you put it in and with features like a black industrial strength seal and diamond polish edges along with universally moulded frames it is easy to see why. On some models it comes with tempered glass technology. It is a tank that is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fish and it features an optional glass canopy and has a capacity of 75 gallons, perfect for large species of fish and suitable for both freshwater and marine environments. Made in the USA by Deep Blue Professional.

Perfecto Manufacturing APF97003 75 Gal Tank – Review & Spec

This 75 Gallon Fish tank from Perfecto Manufacturing (Marineland) is a simple setup ready for you to adapt to suit your aquatic, reptile or other small furry friends. Assembled with distortion free glass and being silicone sealed you will have a great view of your pets, and if filled with water leak free. Marineland / Perfecto Manufacturing are renowned for quality aquariums and vivariums having built and assembled tanks since 1969.

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The tank is made of beautiful, sturdy glass offset by black oak framing and it is a simple tank to install and it is lighter than many other large aquariums so it is easier to move if you ever need to. This aquarium is 48x18x21 inches and the name says it all. This beautiful tank with black finish is large enough to accommodate not only the animals that you want to keep in it, but also the accessories and decorations that you need to make it look amazing.

It is safe and secure and large enough for you to use it to keep several different pets. For anyone who wants a basic design without any unnecessary frills and features that make the price tag go up, this is definitely one of the best aquarium tanks out there, suitable for all kinds of different creatures and solid enough to hold water without leaking, and with 75 gallon capacity, you have the ability to keep every type of fish, reptile or mammal, even larger species.

Marineland 75 Gallon Aquarium Majesty Ensemble – Review & Spec

The Marineland 75 gallon aquarium majesty ensemble provides a functional, stylish platform to kick off your aquarium project the right way. The massive 75 gallon glass tank is planted securely on top of a tasteful black stand (included) that provides all of the support necessary to safely support your aquarium.

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For an ensemble of this size, it’s nice to purchase both the tank and the stand at the same time to eliminate any potential problems when it comes to finding a suitable stand to support your tank (or vice versa).

This isn’t a full kit, but it includes all of the basics needed to start your build, allowing you to customize the individual components (like filter and heater) to match your unique goals. It does come with a matching glass canopy with integrated LED lighting to ensure a proper fit and adequate lighting across the interior of the tank.


These LED lights provide extremely improved lifespan beyond traditional lights, all while drawing much less electricity than other types of lighting options. The glass canopy allows natural ambient light to further penetrate the top of the tank, reducing the workload demanded from the LEDs.

With a limited lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about defects that take a while to make themselves apparent. At 48 inches wide, 21 inches high, and 18 inches deep, the tank balances capacity and frontal viewing area to produce an impressive profile. The stand further elevates the tank to a total of 50 inches tall, while only adding 2 inches to the width.


Rimless Deep Blue Reef Ready Edge75 Aquarium – Review & Spec

The Deep Blue Professional from the DB Edge series of aquariums provides a tempered glass housing for ultimate safety, all while delivering 75 gallons of total water capacity. One strong advantage of this beautiful rimless Reef Ready Deep Blue Professional tank is that is a fully plumbed design, making it easy to add your components and get started.

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For a large tank of this capacity, it’s helpful to use a full pump system to ensure adequate water flow throughout the tank. Having plumbing pre-installed helps make this an easy process and ensures your fish have a healthy environment.

By using tempered glass, this tank offers a unique feature that many aquariums don’t address. Should the worst happen and your tank suffers damage strong enough to break the glass, it won’t leave dangerous glass shards that could cause damage to humans or animals. Another enhanced glass feature is Deep Blue Professional’s use of Opti-Pure glass, which allows more light to penetrate the tank for enhanced brightness and clarity.

This tank can be used for any type of aquarium, but it’s especially well suited to displaying the exotic colors provided by saltwater life. It provides plenty of room to support a coral reef, should you decide to go this route with your fish tank setup.

Deep Blue Professional ADB18080 80 Gallon Reef Ready Aquarium – Review & Spec

The 80 gallon reef ready aquarium tank in black from Deep Blue Professional is a great tank for all your aquatic life forms and accessories, and it comes from one of the best names in aquariums. This tank is made in the United States and it measures 48 inches by 24 inches by 16 inches. You can place your coral frags so that you can grow your own gorgeous colony and then fill it with the most beautiful fish that you can imagine. This is a professional tank for those who are serious about fish but is so easy to use that even a beginner can set up their own marine wonderland.

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This tank from Deep Blue Professional is reef ready, which means that the holes that you need to drain into the sump are already pre-drilled so you don’t need to do any extra work. As you know there are many different species of fish to choose from and they will love this huge 80 gallon tank that will give them plenty of room to move around and space to hide or swim. You’ll love the fact that you can decorate your aquarium however you wish with lots of substrate space for decorative items and toys. Should be used in conjunction with a solid, commercially manufactured cabinet that is made to hold the weight of the tank and the water needed to create the habitat.

80 Gallon Deep Blue Aquarium