Maximizing The Space Of Your Aquarium

Some people think that if they have a small aquarium, they won’t be able to do so much with it. They should be contented in just putting some pebbles in there and water and a few fishes and that’s it. More often than not, they make use of the excuse of having a small 29 gallon aquarium or less for this kind of behaviour. But that is something that should change. Even if you have a small one, you can maximize its space if you find ways to. That way, you will have a livelier looking aquarium which can be worthy of emulation by your friends.

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Always balance the volume of things you will put in the aquarium

One of the ways for you to be able to do this to your aquarium is to balance the volume of things that you put on it. Some people have problems of putting pebbles or what is referred to by some as aquarium rocks because it cases the water level to rise quickly. For small ones such as a 29 gallon aquarium, this can be a problem. But there is a trick that you can do to avoid this. You must put the pebbles first before putting the water. That way, you can avoid making the water rise to a level where you need to worry about it.

If you are planning to put other things such as toys which can add to the designs of the aquarium or little twigs, you must do in the same manner. The water should be the last to be put on it.

Do not make the aquarium look crammed

By putting a lot of things on it, you feel like you are maximizing its space but the truth of it is that you are just making it look crammed and smaller as an actual 29 gallon aquarium. Remember that the real reason for having such in your house is to contain your fish pets. Therefore, do not make it a habit to fill it with a lot of things which are not necessary for the survival of the creatures inside the aquarium. Just put what is necessary and needed to maximize its space.

Avoid putting a lot of fish inside it

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You’ll be creating a problem for yourself if you crowd the 29 gallon aquarium you have with a lot of fishes. Remember that their survival will depend on the level of dissolved oxygen in the waters of their habitat. With that being said, you are endangering these creatures to die if you let them live in a controlled environment with very little air for them to breath in, (dissolved oxygen in their case). You should do some researches to determine the ideal number of fishes you should put in your aquarium. Again, making it look crowded does not aid your attempt to maximize its space at all. You must balance everything that you put in it in terms of their volume. That’s the best option you have.