9 Beautiful 50 Gallon Aquariums Compared

If you are in the market for a fish tank, you should consider doing a little comparison shopping, before you actually buy one. Everyone has an idea of how they want to set up their aquarium, but many do not know the differences in each. Below, you will find a comparison of several 50 gallon aquariums to help you with your search for the perfect environment for your aquatic pets.

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Acrylic Rectangle Aquarium 55 Gallon Black$$$ " >More details!
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  1. Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium

Clear for Life Acrylic 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium

The Clear-for-life 50 gal pentagon aquarium is definitely unique in style and will fit perfectly with your home decor. The tank is constructed of lightweight, insulated acrylic, which is very safe for salt or freshwater fish. The tank dimensions are 24”L x 24”W x 24”H. An overflow is built in one corner, so that water can flow from the bottom, center, and top inlets, then cascades over the overflow and down into the reservoir. The Bio-Fil is equipped with a wet and dry filter, which provides a double filtering system for the water, so that all impurities and debris are removed, but none of this would be possible, without the Little Giant Pump. This pump is very powerful and offers extended longevity, because it is constructed out of corrosion resistant material.

The protein venture skimmer is manufactured, by none other than Top Fathom. It is constructed of cell cast acrylic and designed to remove deliquesce substance from the water. The limited lifetime warranty makes this aquarium more enticing and hard to pass up. Take a look at the MyAquarium review of this Clear for Life 50 Gallon Pentagon acrylic aquarium here or check availability and have delivered to your door.

  1. Top Fin 50 Gallon Hooded Aquarium

Top Fin 50 Gallon AquariumIf you are looking for a larger sized tank to house all of fish, then you should consider the Top Fin 50 Gallon Hooded Aquarium. The rectangular shaped tank dimensions are 12.75’’L x 48.25’’W x 20’’H. This tank is built very well and has a brace in the center to prevent the glass from bowing. It is lined with black trim and sealed with a thick layer of aquarium silicone to prevent leakage.

With the tanks size being so large, two fluorescent hood lamps are included and required to light up the entire tank, so that the fish and aquarium décor can easily be seen, without dark areas. This is the perfect type of tank that you can place in your living room to show off all of your fish and being a part of the Top Fin range offers very good value for money, see our detailed specification and review of the Top Fin 50 Gallon Fish Tank by clicking here .

  1. SeaClear 50-Gallon Aquarium and Skimmer Box

SeaClear 50 Gallon Fish TankIf you are looking for a SeaClear 50-gallon fish tank with a something little extra, then you should most definitely check out this SeaClear aquarium. The extra special feature is the skimmer box. This box serves as a self-cleaning system, but it will also provide lots of other benefits. For instance, in the event of a power outage your tank will not fully drain. Also, if you want to change you filtration system these skimmer boxes are compatible with several different types of filtration systems including the wet and dry trickle filter or the multi-stage canister systems. This great fish tank is made out of a thick, insulated acrylic material. The dimensions of the tank are 15’’ L x 36’’ W x 20’’ H.

This aquarium comes with a lifetime warranty backed by a quality brand (read more on SeaClear and other suppliers here) which we believe is too good to pass up. If you would like to learn more about the Sea Clear 50 Gallon aquarium with skimmer box, further details are available on MyAquarium here or check availability and purchase here.

  1. SeaClear 50-Gallon System II Aquarium

SeaClear System 2 50 Gallon AquariumDo you want to create a beautiful fresh or saltwater aquarium setup? If so, you should be checking out the SeaClear 50-Gallon System II Aquarium. This great tank comes with a slew of features including a built in wet/dry filter system, 4-way adjustable skimmer, air-injection nozzle, media tray, and a 350 gph submersible pump. The filtration system is great because it is basically headache free.

You only have to change the filter pad every so often and keep it topped off with water, at all times. The skimmer is amazing because it has a gate that prevents fish from entering the filter. The tank is not only made out of insulated acrylic, but it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The dimensions of the tank are 15’’ L x 36’’ W x 20’’ H.

The SeaClear is a highly reputable name making this purchase a great first time investment for your aquatic / reef needs, for more details on this aquarium read our specification at MyAquarium here or check availability for the SeaClear System II 50 Gallon tank here.

  1. Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Rectangle UniQuarium

Clear for Life 50 Gal UniquariumThe Clear-For-Life 50 Gal Uniquarium offers a high tech a 3-in-1 filtration system, which will provide your fish with a well-balanced environment, like none other. The design offers an environment that is free of tubes and hanging filters that can potentially bogged up your tank’s space and create a mess. It is perfect for saltwater, freshwater, and a reef tank.

The chamber is spacious enough for a heater and you will never have to worry about your aquatic pets coming into contact with it. This is an ideal size for those looking for an impressive yet slightly smaller aquarium measuring in at 36”L x 15”W x 20”H. The limited lifetime warranty is an added bonus that makes it worth the price tag.

Read more and find out why this Uniquarium is ideal for marine environments courtesy of setup ease and quality design here else check stock availability.

  1. All-Glass/Aqueon Aquarium AAG10050 Tank 50-Gallon

With All Glass Aquariums having rebranded as Aqueon you can be sure to purchase a quality 50 gallon tank at a reasonable price. This glass tank is a tad bit larger than most others of the same capacity measuring in at 36.4” x 18.4” x 19”, ideal for most type of fish. The tank is lined with black trim and a one-piece center brace that prevents the glass from bowing.

You can purchase a hood lamp, filter, and heater separately. This tank is great for a starter setup, being drilled to suit reef aquatics, used as a breeder or simply decorated with your décor becoming a focal feature. Check availability and purchase from Amazon here.

  1. Starfire 50-Gallon Rimless Aquarium

Rimless Starfire 50 Gallon Glass AquariumStarfire Aquariums are a USA based manufacturer offering quality fish tanks with unbeatable glass clarity unseen in competitor products. This is a great Starfire 50-gallon tank that almost looks like a cube, with dimensions of 24’ L x 24’’W x 20’’H. This is excellent for someone who wants to house a lot of fish with limited room space. This tank is going to give you a unique look because of where the overflow is centered. Most tanks come with a corner overflow, but not this tank. Although, this tank is a great startup environment for your fish where a coral or saltwater environment would look stunning. Sadly it does not come with everything that you need as you would need to purchase a filter, pump, hood lamp, and a heater which are sold separately.

This is designer tank, constructed very well and provide a safe environment for your aquatic pets. Further details on this Starfire 50 Gallon Aquarium are available here, else learn about the starfire material or manufacturer here. To check stock availability and purchase, click here.

  1. Deep Blue Professional ADB11051 50 Gallon Aquarium

Deep Blue Professional 50 Gal AquariumThe Deep Blue Professional aquarium definitely stands out above the rest, as far as the style and design goes. The glass frame is constructed out of the thickest, tempered glass available. It is perfect for freshwater and other marine life. The diamond polished edges are sealed with aquarium silicone and lined with a black moulded frame. The measurements are 36”L x 18”W x 18”H, which will provide your fish with the perfect environment and plenty of room.

The Deep Blue Professional brand is relatively young and recent reviews clarify the quality / value they deliver. This aquarium is constructed out of high-quality glass and will last a lifetime, if cleaned and properly taken care of. Take a look for further details on the Deep Blue ADB11051 50 Gal fish tank here or check stock availability and purchase here.

  1. AquaTower 50-Gallon Hexagon Aquarium

AquaTower 50 Gallon Hexagon AquariumThis AquaTower is a great looking little tank that is going to give all of your fish a home, without taking up minimal floor space. Many people like to shove their tank against a wall, but this one can be placed in anywhere, because you will be able to see your fish from all sides of the tank. The fluorescent light, hood allows the light to shine down and illuminate the entire tank.

Upon purchase of the 50 Gallon Hexagon Aquarium tank you will get a 1-year manufactures warranty. This means, if anything breaks on the tank, within the first year the manufacture will replace it for free of charge. It also comes with a set of artificial plant decorations that is going to make a great addition to the environment.

The top and bottom of the tank are matched with acrylic black caps, which really give the tank a unified look. The tank is really easy to maintenance due to the outside placement of the filter and the under gravel filter with lift tube. Both of these features are also going to allow you maximum room inside the tank itself. The dimensions of the tank are 16’’ L x 16’’ W x 76.5 H.

This tank and aquarium accessories are a steal and should not be passed up, if you want to provide your fish with a homey and roomy environment. Available at Amazon to purchase here.

Deep Blue Pro 50 Gallon Tank Reviewed – ADB11051

This Deep Blue Professional 50 Gallon ADB11051 Aquarium offers improved visibility and clarity, when compared to glass tank from other manufactures as it is made from the thickest distortion free low-iron glass in the industry. Finished with a black injection molded frame and black silicone sealed seams this is a quality tank designed to last.To increase durability the base of this tank is made of tempered glass whilst the side panels are standard glass, allowing you to cut holes or modify as necessary (if you choose to modify it will invalidate the warantee).

Capacity50 Gallons
Dimensions38" Length x 18" Width x 18" Width
Type of HabitatAquatic
Warranty5 Year Seam Guarantee
What's included?Aquarium.
Price$$ - Good value tank.
SupplierAmazon. Check availability here.

Standing at 36” wide x 18” length x 18” high this tank is perfect setup for fresh, salt or marine fish once a filter, lighting and hood have been chosen. This Deep Blue Professional 50 Gallon aquarium is backed by their 5 year guarantee against seam leaks providing quality reassurance for the initial purchaser. Being a relatively young manufacturer Deep Blue initially received a few queries regarding slightly messy seams, since then quality control appears to have vastly improved thus producing high quality tanks at very competitive prices.

SeaClear 50 Gal System 2 Aquarium Review & Spec

The 50 Gallon System 2 Aquarium from Sea Clear is one of their top of the range tanks, being easier to setup courtesy of their pre-plumbed with an internal wet / dry filtration system. This unique the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration system is built into the rear of the tank (which uses around 8 gallons of the total 50 gallon space) and provides space (if you need it) for a heater and an optional SeaClear Protein Skimmer. Many owners choose to swap the bio-balls for refugium or live rock rubble to balance nitrate levels better.

Capacity50 Gallons
Dimensions36" Length x 15" Wide x 20" High
Type of HabitatAquatic
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
What's included?350 Gph Pump, 3-in-1 System 2 Filtration, Hood fitted with florescent fittings
Price$$$$ - Top of the range Aquarium
SupplierPetSmart. Check availability here.

This aquarium stands at 36″ Length x 15″ Wide x 20″ High, is available in two colors (black and colbalt blue) and is suited to both fresh and saltwater environments. This setup can be taken straight out the box and is ready to use courtesy of the filtration system and the included 350gph submersible pump (albeit nitrate levels will need to balance first). A black hood is included with fixtures ready for florescent bulbs to be fitted.

Being made of acrylic tank visibility is roughly 4% clearer than that of a glass alternative, whilst the material is both up to 17x stronger and 20% better at insulating. Furthermore being chemically / heat bonded the acrylic edges weld together effectively becoming a single piece of plastic. This 50 Gallon SeaClear aquarium is backed by their limited lifetime warrantee, being pretty much break and leak proof.


  1. A 4 way adjustable skimmer gate stops fish entering the filter.
  2. Cleaning is made easy by the quick change pre-filter.
  3. Area for the optional Protein Skimmer or heater.
  4. Bio Air Driptray evenly disperses water over the biological filtration to improve aeration.
  5. Area for biological media initially supplied with Bio-Balls, as mentioned many choose to change for rock rubble.
  6. Air-Injection Nozzle
  7. Chemical carbon filtration media tray
  8. Included Submersible 350 GBH pump
  9. Transparent slot to check filter water level
  10. Industry leading circulation turbulence manifold

Top Fin 50 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Review & Specification

This 50 Gallon Aquarium from Top Fin offers fantastic value for money when compared to others of the same size or even those that are larger at 55 Gallons. Whether you are just getting started or are a veteran with Fish this aquarium is suited to both marine and freshwater applications. The black braced frame prevents the glass and view distorting. Being from a subsidiary of PetSmart this Top Fin tank is a product of quality and from a brand that you can trust. A double hood is supplied with interchangeable lids, fluorescent lighting with two separate plugs allowing you to easily control light levels.

Capacity50 Gallons
Dimensions48.25" Length x 12.75" Wide x 20" High
Type of HabitatAquatic, Reptile and Pet.
What's included?2no. 24" Full Fluorescent Hood Lamps, All in One hood.
Price$ - Best Value 50 Gallon Tank on the market.
SupplierPetSmart. Click here to check availability.

Standing at 48.25″ length x 12.75″ wide  x 20″ high this Top Fin 50 Gallon hooded aquarium is ideal for creating an impressive aquatic-scape, albeit if you are looking to setup a reef or coral a wider tank would be better suited. Many people who’ve purchased this product have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability, suggesting the glass is thicker than that of similar sized aquariums and others mentioning on online forums they have kept them in use for 5 years plus without any hassle. When filled this aquarium is likely to weigh in around 600lbs thus the use of a purpose built stands would be recommended, these are available from PetSmart starting around $125.


Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium

I f you’re looking for an untraditional large capacity tank shape that is suitable for placement in a corner, then the Clear-For-Life 50 gallon pentagon aquarium might be the best choice for you.

Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium Statistics

Capacity50 Gallons
Dimensions24" Length x 24" Wide x 24" High
Type of HabitatAquatic
ShapePentagon (Corner)
WarrantyLifetime Limited
What's included?Hood
Price$$$ - High quality tank.
SupplierPetSmart. Check availability here.

This pentagon is really a modified triangle when you look at it closely, with the small front corners at the proper angle to afford a viewing port when looking at the tank from the front. As such, a third of the vertical surface of this tank is visible at all times – as opposed the smaller surface area offered by a square tank.

The result of this angle manipulation is a better view of your fish, and the crystal clear acrylic panels offer a better view than any other type of tank material. This tank is suitable for any type of aquarium, and would make a lovely saltwater environment with plenty of room to view a coral reef and exotic, brightly colored fish.

This is a core tank, so you’ll need all of the other components necessary to start your aquarium, including a stand. It’s advised to get a corner mounted stand if you intend to use this tank for that purpose. It certainly can be placed next to a flat wall without issue, but the shape makes it more popular among those seeking a corner placed fish tank setup.

A pump, filter, and heater are also necessary – and you’ll need some lights to place in the hood. That’s it! Install those components and you’re all set to fill. To find out more and check availability for the Clear-for-life 50 Gallon Pentagon aquarium, click here.