Great Choice 40 Gallon Aquarium Review & Spec


The Grreat Choice 40 Gallon Aquarium is ideal for those on a budget looking to get started with a larger tank. Being 18.2” Long 36.3” Wide and 16.8” this glass tank is technically classed as a large breeder. With the bottom being made from tempered and the main panels is standard glass this is ideal for those looking to start with a saltwater aquarium then potentially drill and start a nano reef.

Grreat Choice 40 Gallon Glass Breeder Tank Statistics

Capacity40 Gallons
Dimensions36.3" Wide x 18.2" Long x 16.8" High
Type of HabitatAquatic, Pet, Reptile (Vivarium), Saltwater, Freshwater
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
What's included?Aquarium
Price$ - Very good value budget aquarium
SupplierAvailable to click & collect from PetSmart

When buying this tank you can be reassured of its quality by the limited life time guarantee, double sealed silicone joins and black plastic supports. Many users of this Grreat Choice 40 Gal Aquarium have commented on the high quality and strength of glass continuing to mention visibility and the build.

To get started you just need to add filtration, gravel, pump, heater and thermostat (if you would like a marine setup), cleaning tools, dechlorination and a chemical test kit. Being a glass setup it is unlikely to scratch and can marks can be polished out as needs be. So if you are looking for a medium sized glass 40 gallon aquarium on a budget with room to progress your fish keeping skills that tank is truly a Grreat Choice! Check stock and availability online here.

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hi i purchase great chioce 40gallon aquarium at petsmart with lifetime warranty. the great chioce 40 gallon aquarium after 3 months of use the silicone sealant start to bubble, the air bubbles are so many and is very dangerous and taking a risk in leaving on third floor apartment and it will cost me at lot of money to my insurance if it fails. after 4 months i have to take it i dont no what to do this great chioce aquarium. i think they are the lowest quality of all aquarium in canada.

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  • November 16, 2016 Reply

[…] It is a simple, stylish, structurally sound tank, great for beginners to saltwater setups. It doesn’t include any extras like a hood, filter or net and these would need to be purchased separately however for a simple, tank it is cost effective and comes with a limited lifetime warranty for extra assurance. The Grreat Choice 40 gallon tank is ideal for someone on a budget or who is expanding a more professional setup and already has many of the accessories required to run and maintain such a tank. Check availability, or find out more information about the Grreat Choice 40 Gallon tank here. […]

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