Buying A “home” For Tropical Fishes

The idea of having fish as a pet has become quite a new trend to many parts of the world. There are many people in different countries that are now open to the thought of having a pet other than a dog or a cat. Some of them pick birds like parrots because they can imitate some of the words they utter. They love the idea of talking to them. Some on the other hand enjoy hanging out in their rooms with creatures that live in a tropical fish tank. Speaking of which, taking care of fishes endemic to tropical countries such as Philippines among others has evolved into a very good hobby. Because of that, the demand for a special kind of tank has slowly increased.

If you are someone who is also looking to buy one because you are encouraged to have a different kind of pet, you should keep in mind some things for your consideration.

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This is only intended for fishes that can survive tropical climate

If you are not yet aware, there are many countries that experience having hot and wet seasons. Fishes that exist on these countries are a bit different to those that exist on nations that have colder or hotter climate. With that being said, it is expected that if you are taking care of a kind of fish that is dependent on that particular kind of climate, you will also need a tropical fish tank. This might appear a little different than your usual fish tank and it might be a tad harder to deal with. But again, if you are committed to your want to have such pet, you should not mind this at all.

Pay attention to different important details about it

Water quality and level as well as the level of siltation among many others are some of the things that you need to consider and keep in mind when you have a tropical fish tank. Remember, you are dealing with something that is intended for a different type of fish which will soon be your pet. If you want that creature to survive for a long period of time, you need to pay attention to these things. If you don’t, you might not help your pet to live a long time.

Be careful when shopping for one in the market

There might be some people that might try to make you a victim of scams and make you believe that they are selling tropical fish tank when in fact they don’t. That’s one scheme you must not let win. You might end up spending money for something not worth it at all. Before making any purchase, make sure you are knowledgeable enough about the salient features of the fish tank and try to look for these when one unit is being offered to you. It always helps to be a vigilant customer. It definitely saves you from buying something that’s not what you entirely need at all.

Gravel Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner & Fillers Review Guide

As an aquarist, by now you understand how imperative it is to put in a significant amount of effort to keep your aquarium clean. Not only will this help to make your aquarium more aesthetically pleasing, but also it’ll help to ensure that your water friends thrive, survive and keep you amused for many years to come. In order to keep your tank’s water fresh, you’ll need a sufficient fish tank cleaner. For tanks with gravel, a gravel vacuum will be a necessity. Within this guide, you’ll learn more about these items and their importance.

The Importance of Aquarium Gravel Cleaning

As a fish owner, it is your responsibility to maintain your fish’s environment keeping it clean whilst balancing chemical levels. Whilst filtration is essential, you will also need to get your hands dirty periodically. There are a handful of aquarium gravel cleaners and they’ll certainly be able to help. Remember that a great amount of debris and uneaten food can shrink to the bottom of the aquarium and into the substrate. Without an efficient aquarium gravel cleaner, these abnormalities will be nearly impossible to remove. Below, you will discover a breakdown of the benefits of cleaning your aquarium’s substrate with the best gravel vacuum.

  • Removal of Stubborn Debris – Some debris, such as uneaten food, waste and plant debris will get stuck in the aquarium’s substrate and will be difficult to remove by traditional methods. Unless you’re willing to empty the entire contents of the tank, you should opt for a sufficient fish gravel cleaner. Whether you’re using an electric model or a manual gravel siphon, the tool will provide you with an effortless way to remove this debris, without putting your fish through too much stress. This will help to prevent large quantities of nitrate and ammonia from growing in your tank.
  • Maintaining Consistent Water Chemistry – At this point, you should already understand the important of consistent and appropriate water chemistry. Certain species require a particular pH level, in order to thrive. Allowing the debris to decompose in your tank will result in a pH change. Therefore, a gravel cleaner for aquarium should be utilized to remove the debris and to prevent your pH from being altered.

7 Most Effective Gravel Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaners & Fillers


With the information above, you can see how integral a gravel vacuum cleaner will be to your aquarium and the fish living inside. Below, you will find a breakdown of some of the best gravel vacuums on the market.

  1. Top Fin Aquarium Gravel Vacuum

Top Fin Gravel CleanerAquarium maintenance can be a pain, but if you are equipped with the proper aquarium gravel vacuum, the task will be much easier. The Top Fin manual hand pump is suitable for all aquariums and it is available in small, medium, large, and ex-large. The PVC hose is extremely flexible, so you can clean all of those hard-to-reach areas without difficulty. The Top Fin aquarium siphon is equipped with an easy-start mechanism that will definitely come in handy and this is much simpler than having to do the hand pumping action, just to get the water to suck up into the vacuum.

The Top Fin aquarium vacuum cleaner is equipped with a clip that will attach to any bucket, so there will be less mess to have to worry about. The Top Fin gravel vac is designed to separate the gravel from the water, which will prevent you from having to remove the gravel from the tank.

You will find that the wide-mouth nozzle offer much quicker cleaning, so you can get on with your daily chores. The siphon gravel cleaner is overall the best manual pump on today’s market and it is a very good value. Check stock availability and purchase from PetSmart here.

  1. EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Aquarium Electric Vacuum

EHEIM Quick Vac Pro Gravel CleanerTaking care of your aquarium can be a tough job, but it is a vital part of keeping your fish safe and healthy. That is exactly what the EHEIM gravel cleaner can do and it will allow you to do it with ease. If you are an avid aquarium owner, then this is one product you do not want to pass up. It could very well be the best gravel cleaner on the market.

One thing that sets this electric suction pump apart from siphon cleaners is that there are no buckets or hoses required for the operation. You simply just insert the suction end of the tool into the gravel and push a button located at the top of the handle. The waste will be removed and deposited into the super-fine mesh cartridge. The EHEIM quick vac is also battery operated, so you will not have to worry about trying to find an empty electrical plug and running an electrical cable. It is designed to do all of the work for you, so you can rest assured that your tank will be clean and free of toxins.

The battery can operate for up to 4 hours, which makes this a premium cleaner that will last a lifetime. This EHEIM Electric PRO Gravel Cleaner is available to purchase from Amazon, click here.

  1. Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System

Python No Spill Gravel CleanerIf you have an extremely large fish aquarium in your home, which requires routine maintenance that you dread tackling, you will need to purchase a high-quality manual hand pump. The Python No spill aquarium maintenance system is designed to quietly sift the debris out of your tank, without disturbing your precious fish.

Not only will this aquarium vacuum pump suction up the largest debris, but it is also capable of adapting to your kitchen faucet for refilling. The faucet fitting is constructed out of brass, so it will never rust or tarnish. If you fail to remove the debris in your aquarium, toxins will build up over time and make your fish very ill. Of course, maintenance is not an enjoyable task, but with the Python, you will have everything that you need at your fingertips.

The 25’ hose will be long enough, so you can drain the water away from your home or down the sink drain. The extremely large gravel tube will allow you to clean larger areas, so the job will be completed in a timely manner.

If you are looking for a manual hand pump that is capable of draining and filling, you definitely should keep the Python on your list of prospects. This is a good value quality cleaner that will last a lifetime. Check availability and buy the Python No Spill Clean and Refill system at Amazon here.

  1. Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

Aqueon Gravel Siphon and Hand PumpIf you’re looking for a great overall value, you should definitely check out the Aqueon Gravel Cleaner. Despite the affordable price tag, this product is capable of getting the job done! The Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Gravel Cleaner is very versatile and available in various sizes, including 5, 9, 10, and 16 inches. This helps to guarantee that you get the precise size for your tank’s dimensions. It is also available in three unique styles, mini, medium and large. This ensures that your fish tank gravel cleaner is perfect for the unique size of your substrate!

Although this product is somewhat basic, it is ideal for quick water changes. Take note that this is a self-priming fish tank siphon. You might have to get a little sweaty, in order to make the water drain. The Aqueon fish tank vacuum is drain only, so you’ll need to refill the tank with a separate bucket of water.

For the price, this gravel cleaner delivers excellent suctioning power, which will be powerful enough to separate the debris from your gravels. For easier use, this cleaner is equipped with a bucket clip, which keeps the hose inside of the bucket throughout operation. This will help to prevent spills and will quell your worries, so you can focus on the task at hand. Overall, the Aqueon siphon vacuum aquarium gravel cleaner is an excellent choice for those that aren’t afraid of a little hard work and are on a budget, check availability here.

  1. Python Pro-Clean Aquarium Gravel Washer and Siphon Kit

Python Pro Clean Gravel CleanerCleaning and maintaining your aquarium can be a big job, but that is exactly why the Python gravel cleaner was invented. It will help you keep your aquarium in top condition. This fish tank vacuum cleaner has a manual hand pump design, which means that you will need to do a bit of pumping action, before the water will suction up into the tubing.

You will need an empty bucket to hole the dirty water and debris, so be sure to keep this in mind, when purchasing this fish tank gravel vacuum. It is designed to separate the gravel from the water, so you will never have to worry about removing the gravel from the tank, before cleaning.

This Python gravel vacuum comes equipped with 72” heavy-duty tube will not chip or crack, even after years of use. The tubing is very flexible so you will not have any problem guiding it wherever you want it to go and you will be able to clean in those hard-to-reach areas.

You can purchase a squeeze starter bulb that will attach to the Python, which will turn the manual Python gravel vacuum into a hand pump. This is a very good value Gravel Vacuum and re filler that you should not pass up, check availability and buy from Amazon here.

  1. Lee’s Ultra Gravel Vac, Self-Start with Nozzle and Hose Clip

Lee's Self Start Gravel VacIf you’re looking for an affordable, manual fish tank gravel cleaner vacuum, with a little something extra, you should definitely check out Lee’s Ultra Gravel Vac. This specific vacuum offers a handful of features that aren’t available with other manual models. This gravel vacuum aquarium cleaner is equipped with a convenient self-starting siphon feature. This helps to get the water flowing, without excessive pumping. The vacuum’s nozzle is extra wide. This helps the user cover a bigger amount of space within a shorter period of time.

The shape of the nozzle also makes this fish tank syphon easier to use in nooks and crannies. This gives you the freedom to get the job done, without the necessity of removing your decorations. Your fishy friends will thank you for keeping the disturbances to a minimum. The Lee’s gravel cleaner for fish tank will give you the capability of removing debris from your substrate, during integral water changes.

Although the Lee’s Ultra GravelVac is somewhat basic, its hand pump functionality is much improved and the 16” hose will be more than sufficient for almost all tanks. Therefore, it is a great overall value and well worth its price! Find Lee’s Ultra Gravel Vac on Amazon here.

  1. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

Aqueon Water ChangerAs an aquarium owner you probably know that if you don’t have the right equipment to clean your aquarium, it can make the task nearly impossible. However, it is something that must be done in order to keep your little aquatic friends happy and healthy. With that being said, the Aqueon gravel cleaner & water changer was designed to make those water changes and maintenance tasks a breeze.

The Aqueon aquarium cleaner is equipped with a 25’ flexible hose, but it is also available in 50’, as well. This long hose will eliminate the need for a bucket, which can become extremely heavy, when filled with dirty water.

This gravel cleaner offer diversity, since it can be used to drain the water and to refill the tank. All you have to do is simply twist the valve to make the change and you will be ready to refill the tank with fresh water.

If you are on a tight budget, but will not sacrifice on aquarium maintenance efficiency, you should definitely add the Aqueon fish tank cleaner to your list your cleaning supplies. Find out more information, check availability and purchase online here.

  1. Cobalt Aquatics Power Gravel Cleaner 30-125

Cobalt Power Gravel FilterThe Cobalt Aquatics Power Gravel Cleaner makes the task of fish tank cleaning incredibly simple. The Cobalt Aquatic is equipped with an intake screen that is capable of separating the gravel from the water, so there is no need to remove the gravel from the tank, before cleaning.

This gravel cleaner could not be easier to use. Basically, you have a traditional vacuum that hooks to a power filter. The vacuum will cycle the water breaking loose the debris and pulling it up to the filter, where it will be filtered out of the water through the cartridge. The cartridge is equipped with a micron sock that will clean the water and then put back into your aquarium. The best part is that the housing just attaches right to the side of your tank.

The motor that runs the vacuum is completely sealed off, which means you can clean this tool right in your own kitchen sink, without worrying about damaging any of the components. This really is the ultimate aquarium tool. For more detail, to check availability and purchase visit Amazon here.

Aquarium Cleaning is Essential, choose the best Gravel Syphon to make your water changes easy.


At the end of the day, all aquarium enthusiasts will need to equip themselves with an effective fish gravel vacuum. With the information presented above, you can see that it is difficult to name one of these products the overall best aquarium gravel cleaner. Instead, each will be best for unique circumstances. Therefore, you should consider your needs, desires and preferences, when trying to choose a manual or automatic gravel cleaner. This will help to ensure that you get the best product imaginable and one that will fulfill your needs perfectly. For more information on cleaning your large aquarium from MyAquarium read up here.

How Much Will It Cost You To Have a New Fish Tank

You might have experienced being annoyed by the fact that you have an old fish tank in your house that is becoming an eyesore. All of its rough edges and dirty outlook makes you irritable that you want to just simply smash and break it to get it out of your home. The problem is you need something, like a modern fish tank, to transfer all of its contents. Otherwise, your pet fish will also be gone and you might regret doing that. With that being said, your only option is to buy a new one. But because you are on a tight budget, you need to figure out how much will it cost you to afford a new and better one. That’s the problem. Everything depends on your choice so you won’t be able to figure out how much you will spend for such thing until you have seen your potential choice.

Luckily, there are some things that you can use to generally guess if you will spend big or a tad smaller amount for a new fish tank.

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Paying attention to size and type of the tank

Is your goal to have a big modern fish tank or a small basic one? Your choice between this two will definitely have big effects on how much you’ll need for the purchase, modern and bigger ones will naturally come at a bigger cost while smaller basic ones will be a lot cheaper. It now depends on what your choice is. Practically, if you just need something to hold your pet fish, you go for the lower-priced ones. But if you want to make the fish tank a part of some of the attractions in your simple abode, it will not hurt for you to spend quite a bit to buy a modern fish tank.

Do you want your fish tank to be with or without designs?

Simplicity is beauty as they say, but the idea of letting a dull and boring looking stuff in your house is not a very welcome development at all, unless you want to forget all about designs and other sorts of things. If you try to observe it, bigger houses have modern fish tank that features some aesthetic properties. Its glasses can have different shapes and colours and details. But keep in mind that if you want this, you must prepare yourself to spend a larger sum of money. But then again, if you’re all about style, you would not mind this at all.

Having modern technologies for better fish tanks

Some of these products now come with features that explain why they can’t be cheap. Some have built in aerators which can help to regulate the amount of dissolved oxygen in your tank. That’s very important for the fishes or fish living on it. It’s basically the key for their survival and that’s one thing that you should pay attention to when planning to buy a new fish tank. You must assure that whatever kind of fish you put there, it will survive for a long time. But as what have been mentioned earlier, that will also come with additional costs.

Helpful Tips in Fixing Damaged Aquarium Lighting

You might not know this, but lighting is a very important aspect of having an aquarium. Without it, the structure itself will be dull and the environment might not be good for the creatures living on it. It is then imperative for an owner to make sure that aquarium lighting is adequate and always in good condition. There are many things that one can do to assure this. But first, you also need to know its importance so that you can be reminded why you need to pay attention to such trivial thing. After all, many say that it’s just an aquarium and fishes are not scared of the dark. That may be true, but not having adequate lighting can always have negative effects for your aquarium and the creatures on it.

Why lighting is so important

It has been said that this part of such structure helps a lot in making it appear a bit livelier. But not many of us know that proper aquarium lighting can also be a key to stabilize temperature of the water. When the surface temperature is colder than usual, heat energy from the light itself will be enough to make the water a bit warm. That’s one thing that only expert aquarium owners would understand, but it’s the right time for you to know about it as well. With that being said, there is no need to remind you further of just how important lighting is. Another thing is that aquarium lighting is something that can help you have a good view of what is going on inside this box almost full of water housing fishes.

How to keep the lighting system in good shape

Constant check up for the lighting system of your house aquarium is one of the best ways to make sure that it is always in good condition. If it is lighted by systems that are dependent on wires, you need to examine the wires carefully. Rodents might have damaged them and if that happens, your aquarium lighting might be jeopardized. Conduct repairs as soon as you find the problems. But keep in mind that this is something you cannot do recklessly. Only proceed if you have the technical know how to fix the damages. But if you are hesitant with your skills, you can consult and ask for professional help. That way, you can avoid the risk of being injured or making the problem worse.

Another thing that you can do is try to utilize new technology for the lighting system. You can try to switch to LED lights for aquarium. That will give you better chances of a system that can last for a longer period of time. Furthermore, you have to accept the fact that sooner or later, you might have the need to replace your old light bulbs with something new and there is no better choice for you than a lighting system that is aligned with modern technology like the LED. That’s definitely something that can work wonders for you.


Giving Your Kid an Aquarium as a Gift

Every parent wants to teach their kids the value of taking care of someone or something precious to them. There is no better way to do that than to give your kids pets of their own. But giving them a cat or a dog will not be a big deal anymore because this is the common trend in different parts of the world. In fact, it can be safely inferred that every single day that passes by, a parent gives his or her child a pet and it can either be a dog or a cat. If you really want to make this a special thing for your special someone, why not try to give him or her a 5 gallon aquarium? And while you are still at it, why don’t you give your kid a bunch of fishes that he or she can nurture and help to grow? That way, you’ll be teaching them the value of being able to take good care of something or someone important to them.

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A small step towards becoming a good parent

You might argue about this because it is very much early for your kids to be exposed to this very idea – parenting. But that’s the whole idea of having a pet. Whether you have a cat or a dog or some fishes in a 5 gallon aquarium, you are training yourself to be a good parent. You nurture your pet like you will nurture your kids in the future. You will feed them and take good care of them like you will when you finally have kids. The point is that this is a perfect opportunity for you to teach your children about responsibilities.

Remind your kids to do his or her part in taking care of the gift you gave

Aside from teaching your kids to be a responsible parent, you can also use this opportunity to shape your kid as a better individual. You can start by helping him or her clean the 5 gallon aquarium you have given then let him or her do the work alone in the coming future. You can make your kid agree to make sure that the place where the aquarium is being kept remains clean. That’s another good thing that can come out from giving your kid an aquarium as a gift.

Use this to have some quality moments with your kid

Remember that this can also be a chance for you to be a better parent to your kid. During times when you are off duty, you can encourage your kid to clean the 5 gallon aquarium together with you. That should be alright for as long as it is not a repeated act so that your kid can also act on it alone. This should be enough for you to build a stronger bond with your kid. That’s more than enough reason for you to treat this idea as more than just spending money to give a gift to your kid because of a special occasion.