Starfire Rimless 50 Gallon Aquarium with Center Overflow – Review


This 50 gallon tank from Starfire Aquariums is close to cube shape, at two feet long, two feet wide, and 20 inches tall. One unique feature is its predrilled holes for use in conjunction with a drain and return.

Rimless 50 Gallon Starfire Aquarium Statistics

Capacity50 Gallons
Dimensions24" Length x 24" Wide x 20" High
Type of HabitatAquatic
Warranty3 Years
What's included?Pre-drilled, 1" Drain Bulkhead, 1/2" return bulkhead, Return T Pipe (dual return), Loc Lines, Durso Stand Pipe
Price$$$ - Beautiful design, Good Value.

These holes include a return T pipe, a durso pipe, overflow, drain bulkhead, and return bulkhead. You can even purchase a sump system from the same manufacturer to provide simple installation of this advanced feature.

This glass cubic tank has a stylish black backdrop with black borders on the joined glass corners. A solid black background such as this offers a non-distracting surface to see your fish against. It’s much more attractive than other tanks with a clear back (nobody’s wall is all that enjoyable to stare at), and in comparison to white or colored backdrops, it lets you see your fish better as they are illuminated from the lights above.

Starfire Fish Tank Setup Instructions

By still offering the same 50 gallon capacity of larger tanks in a very small footprint, it’s suitable for those wanting a large aquarium in a tight space. It’s only two feet wide and two feet deep, so you can rest this aquarium on a slim profile stand that doesn’t demand a ton of room from you.

This is a solid foundation for your aquarium, but it’s not a complete kit, so you’ll need some basic extras – namely a filter (with pump), lights, and a heater. Those components aren’t difficult to source and can be made in the same online order. Find and check the stock availability of the Starfire Rimless 50 Gallon Aquarium here

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[…] constructed very well and provide a safe environment for your aquatic pets. Further details on this Starfire 50 Gallon Aquarium are available here, else learn about the starfire material or manufacturer here. To check stock availability and […]

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