Marineland 38 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Review & Spec

The Marineland 38 gallon starter kit is the perfect piece for beginner aquarists looking for a medium-large size aquarium which includes everything one needs to start a simple setup. The aquarium is 38 gallons in volume, slightly smaller than the standard 40 gallon offerings available with dimensions of 32 x 17 x 26 inches making it perfect for most locations.

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The tank itself is made of glass with a curved glass front making for spectacular viewing surrounded by a black frame creating a strong, sturdy and durable structure. Also included are all the basic accessories a novice aquarium owner will need for sound daily operations of the aquarium. These are a Penguin BIO-Wheel filter, a great small beginners filter to ensure clean water built for a tank of this size. Similarly a net, glass canopy and LED lights are also combined in this spectacular package which are all necessities for any fish or aquarium owner. All of these extras are included with the tank for an extremely low price providing excellent value without the product quality being compromised.

Marineland 38 Gallon Bow Aquarium Kit

This innovative package by Marineland has also been well received by aquarium owners worldwide. This is because the Marine 38 gallon starter kit includes everything one needs to to get started in the aquarium world at a much cheaper cost than purchasing a tank and accessories individually making it great value for money. Therefore, this tank is great for beginners and would have to be one of Marineland’s best and most comprehensive medium-large sized tanks on the market. It provides a great, versatile set up suitable for both freshwater and saltwater varieties that would look great in any household. For more information, to check latest price and availability click here.

Aqueon LED 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit Review & Spec

The Aqueon LED 55 Gallon Aquarium kit was launched late 2013 to joining their premium range thus rivaling the similar and very popular Aqueon 55 Gallon 17770 Aquarium kit from the deluxe range. Like the rest of the Aqueon products in this range this is glass tank supplied with a black plastic slimline LED hood, 200w preset heater and QuietFlow power filtration system included.

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Standing at 48.25” Long x 12.75” Wide x 23.75” High this impressive glass tank ideal for saltwater and freshwater aquaria. On unwrapping the colorful packaging you will find all the essentials to get your large aquarium started including water conditioner, fish food, accessories and a comprehensive setup / start guide.

The QuietFlow 55/75 power filter simply hangs on the back of the tank, supplied with two filters and is ideal for this 55 Gallon tank as it suites aquariums up to 90 Gallons thus over filtering and improving visibility. Using a 4 stage filtration system this filter has both more efficient and has a better flow than most others in the same category.

Overall this is a quality glass tank from a reputable manufacturer, Aqueon, sold with a complete kit making it easy to get started with a large 55 gallon fish tank. To find the latest price for this Aqueon LED 55 Gallon Aquarium or check stock availability, click here.

Essential Fish Tank Tips

So, you have decided that you want a pet but you don’t want a cat or a dog. Fish are a good option for anyone who can’t have or do not want a conventional pet. Although there are some disadvantages (you can’t cuddle with your fish) there are some major advantages too. But you know it isn’t as simple as filling up a water container and dropping your fish inside. Here are some essential fish tank tips that will help you become a caretaker for some beautiful and healthy fish.

Buy Healthy Fish to Begin With

First, buy healthy fish to begin with. This means not purchasing fish off of Craig’s List or another advertising service. You want to buy fish from a reputable pet store that has experts on hand that know how to take care of fish and tell you what you need to know about the species that you choose. You can usually tell that fish are healthy because they are active and seem to be happy.

Heaters & Filters

Two very important things that you are going to need for your fish are a heater and a filter. Different fish have different requirements as far as temperature goes, and you need to learn what that is and set your heater accordingly. You not only want to temperature to be correct, you want it to be constant, because fluctuating temperature can cause illness. You should also be aware of temperature requirements before you buy fish so that you don’t pair the wrong fish together.

As far as filters go, you should definitely spend more money for a higher quality filter. Filtering your water is absolutely essential to the health of your new fish and keeping their tank clean should be a top priority. Make sure that you do the research and find out what type of filtration system your fish need and make sure that it is a good quality filter with a great track record with customers.

Filtering your water is absolutely essential to the health of your new fish and keeping their tank clean should be a top priority

Get The Right Tank

You not only want to choose a tank material that is appropriate for your fish, but you want to make sure that you choose the right size. Your fish need a minimum amount of space depending upon the breed and more is even better. Also, the larger your aquarium the less change pollutants have a chance to get your fish sick.

Clean Your Tank Regularly

You want to make sure that your tank is as clean as possible and that means taking on the task of cleaning it regularly. Change out a certain percentage of the water every week and make sure that you use a dechlorination and cycling solution because chlorinating water can be harmful to your fish. Make sure you wipe away  algae and grime from the tank and rinse off any plants inside the tank as well.

Provide Light & Oxygen

Your fish will require light at least part of the day. A good rule of thumb is to give them 3 watts of electricity per gallon of water (you can choose bulbs based on this) and keep your tank away from direct sunlight. Also, your fish live on oxygen that they get out of the water so make sure that you use an air pump and keep the hose hidden. Alternative, you can change out the water more often (or more of the water) and provide them with live plants that create oxygen.

Feed Regularly

Finally, set up a feeding schedule and feed them regularly, taking care not to overfeed. Uneaten food can decay and require more cleaning.