Marineland 38 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Review & Spec

The Marineland 38 gallon starter kit is the perfect piece for beginner aquarists looking for a medium-large size aquarium which includes everything one needs to start a simple setup. The aquarium is 38 gallons in volume, slightly smaller than the standard 40 gallon offerings available with dimensions of 32 x 17 x 26 inches making it perfect for most locations.

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The tank itself is made of glass with a curved glass front making for spectacular viewing surrounded by a black frame creating a strong, sturdy and durable structure. Also included are all the basic accessories a novice aquarium owner will need for sound daily operations of the aquarium. These are a Penguin BIO-Wheel filter, a great small beginners filter to ensure clean water built for a tank of this size. Similarly a net, glass canopy and LED lights are also combined in this spectacular package which are all necessities for any fish or aquarium owner. All of these extras are included with the tank for an extremely low price providing excellent value without the product quality being compromised.

Marineland 38 Gallon Bow Aquarium Kit

This innovative package by Marineland has also been well received by aquarium owners worldwide. This is because the Marine 38 gallon starter kit includes everything one needs to to get started in the aquarium world at a much cheaper cost than purchasing a tank and accessories individually making it great value for money. Therefore, this tank is great for beginners and would have to be one of Marineland’s best and most comprehensive medium-large sized tanks on the market. It provides a great, versatile set up suitable for both freshwater and saltwater varieties that would look great in any household. For more information, to check latest price and availability click here.

Lighting either a Planted & Reef Tank – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have enough light for my tank?

It is important to have an adequate amount of light for your tank, and you can’t expect the aquarium fixture you buy to come with one. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have enough light, you probably don’t.

  1. How much light is required for my planted tank?

The amount of light you need for your tank depends on a number of things, including the size of the tank and the plants you will be growing. Tanks that are between 20 and 75 gallons should have at least 2 WPF (watts per gallon).

  1. What does WPG mean and how do I calculate my WPG?

WPG stands for watts per gallon and it is a way of measuring how much light you have in your tank. To accurately calculate your WPG, you will divide the total number of watts you currently have by the number of gallons your tank is able to hold.

For example, a standard 55 gallon tank usually comes with two 18 watt bulbs for a total of 36 watts, or just one 40 watt bulb. If you are calculating for the first example, it would be 36÷55=0.65 wpg. If you are calculating for the second example, it would be 40÷55=0.72 wpg. If you have a 55 gallon tank, you will need about 110 watts of lighting. Keep in mind that WPG is based on fluorescent watts and US gallons. Since this measurement is also based on T12 lighting with standard reflectors, you will be able to use more recent technology for better lighting without quite as much light.

  1. Can I use incandescent/halogen lights in my tank?

While it is true that some people have had success using incandescent/halogen lights in their tanks, they are more effective at heating than providing adequate light.

  1. What do the terms “Kelvin” and “color temp” really mean?

Kelvin is used as a way of measuring the color temperature of light. Click on Kelvin for more info. What is really important is that you understand that lights that are in the 5000k-10000k range are most effective for plants. Most people will see plants under 5000k lights as being very yellow looking, while plants under 10000k lights can appear blue. Many of the best bulbs for planted tanks fall within the 6500k-8800k range. GE manufactures a 9325k bulb that is extremely popular with those who have planted tanks.

  1. If I have three 3000k bulbs, do I have 9000k?

No, because Kelvin is measured cumulatively, meaning that is you use three 3000k bulbs at the same time, you have 3000k light.

  1. Are actinic lights good for plants?

There is still no clear answer as to whether or not actinic lights are healthy for plants. A lot of people believe they don’t do much for plants, so I wouldn’t recommend using them. If you have already met the basic light requirements for your tank, you can feel free to use actinic light. Some reports suggest these lights cause algae growth.

  1. Will putting in quality reflectors increase the amount of light in my tank?

No. Reflectors cannot actually produce light, but good ones will get more light into the tank and could reduce the overall amount of light you have to use.

  1. What is the difference between a T12 and a T8 bulb?

When it comes to fluorescent tubes, each “T” is equivalent to 0.125” or 1/8 of an inch. So a T12 bulb is 1.5” in diameter and a T8 bulb measures 1” in diameter.

  1. What’s a PC or CF bulb/light?

A T5 bulb is a bulb that measures 0.625” or 5/8 of an inch in diameter. These bulbs have become increasing popular and they offer an efficient way to light your tank.

  1. What is a T5 bulb/light?

A T5 bulb is a bulb that measures 0.625” or 5/8 of an inch in diameter. These bulbs are also becoming very popular as they can light a tank very efficiently.

  1. What’s a MH bulb/light?

A MH bulb is a metal halide bulb. These bulbs are very powerful and best suited for reefs, but they are a bit too much for just planted tanks.

  1. How long should my lights be on?

You should keep your lights on anywhere from 8 to 10 hours, but there are people who run them as long as 12 hours each day.

  1. Can I leave my lights on longer to make up for inadequate lighting?

Absolutely not. Doing this will not work and it could lead to algae growth.

  1. I have a 4’ long tank. Can I just use a shop light?

You can use any type of lights you want, but it is important to keep in mind that shop lights are not designed to work in most or humid environments like inside of an aquarium. Shop lights are also designed to illuminate large areas and not a specific small area, so they are not more than 60% accurate for this purpose.

  1. What is ODNO?

ODNO stands for Oven Driven Normal Output. This is a method that is used to get as much light as possible out of standard fluorescent bulbs than what they are intended for. While this method does work, it does come with the potential risk of electrical shock and fire. If you want to learn more about these lights, simply Google “ODNO lights”.

MarineLand Heartland 60 Gallon Aquarium Ensemble Spec & Review

The Marineland Heartland 60 Gallon Aquarium ensemble comes complete with lighting, aquarium hood and stand providing a vast front panel maximizing impact and aquatic visibility. Being a large aquarium it is perfectly suited to setting up and maintaining a reef / coral environment. Overall the tank and its setup is well reviewed on supplier, manufacturer and forums with many commenting on the benefit over a standard 55 Gallon Aquarium. You can rest assured with quality of the tank being, a limited life time warrantee is provided when used with the black heartland stand.

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With the tank standing at 25” in height, 12.75” long and 48.5” wide this 60 gal aquarium is a stunning center piece for any home. Albeit a tad slimmer that a 55 gallon equivalent it is more than adequate for planted, reef or marine setups. Similarly once standing on the beautiful black MDF stand (30” in height, 14.25” long and 50” wide) it stands oppressively rather than being able to hide it in a corner.

Sadly filtration isn’t included although you can easily fit suitable hanging filters to the rear of the tank, a few users have suggested the shelves on the black MDF stand are slightly too close together making it rather hard to use canister filters. Lastly, as I am sure you are aware, glass aquariums are not light and the Marineland Heartland 60 Gal Aquarium is no exception having 3/8” quality glass it will require two people to lift / position. Provided with energy efficient fluorescent lighting the hood is great when starting out although appears to tinge the water color, once you’re setup is up and running take a look at other LED lighting.

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Top Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Kit – Reviewed & Spec’d.

Suited to both Fresh and Salt water applications the Top Fin 75 Gallon Aquarium is ideal for becoming your aquatic pride and joy. This aquarium will draw the eye immediately because of its size and it will look even better after you decorate it with your favorite aquascaping. It features thick glass and center braced frames that prevent the glass from bowing. It is strong and durable and has no problem holding your fish, small animals and reptiles along with the water or other accessories that they need. It features 2 24” fluorescent hood lamps to light up your aquarium and make it look incredible, and you can trust Top Fin because it is a brand under PetSmart, the leader in pets, pet accessories and pet food.

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The hood has two glass tops with plastic sliders, allowing you to customize the setup and install your own filteration system. Once filled with water, gravel and decorations the tank weighs roughly 700lbs thus best suits a purpose built stand or cupboard. Many purchasers have chosen to use the product for reptiles and small pets as it provides plenty of space to roam.


Top Fin 50 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Review & Specification

This 50 Gallon Aquarium from Top Fin offers fantastic value for money when compared to others of the same size or even those that are larger at 55 Gallons. Whether you are just getting started or are a veteran with Fish this aquarium is suited to both marine and freshwater applications. The black braced frame prevents the glass and view distorting. Being from a subsidiary of PetSmart this Top Fin tank is a product of quality and from a brand that you can trust. A double hood is supplied with interchangeable lids, fluorescent lighting with two separate plugs allowing you to easily control light levels.

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Standing at 48.25″ length x 12.75″ wide  x 20″ high this Top Fin 50 Gallon hooded aquarium is ideal for creating an impressive aquatic-scape, albeit if you are looking to setup a reef or coral a wider tank would be better suited. Many people who’ve purchased this product have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and durability, suggesting the glass is thicker than that of similar sized aquariums and others mentioning on online forums they have kept them in use for 5 years plus without any hassle. When filled this aquarium is likely to weigh in around 600lbs thus the use of a purpose built stands would be recommended, these are available from PetSmart starting around $125.