Which is the Most Suitable Aquarium Manufacturer For You?

With such a huge variety of manufacturers which specialise in aquariums and supplies for your pet fish, it can be a struggle to decide which one to use for different products. One manufacturer might seem to be better for filters, whereas another is clearly the best choice for gravel or algae scrapers.

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Clear-For-Life Aquariums Logo

The Clear-for-Life aquarium products are manufactured by Advanced Aqua Tanks, a company which is widely regarded as one of the leading brands in the industry. Here are some popular features of Clear-for-Life:

  • The aquariums come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which gives the buyer peace of mind that any leakage problems will be fixed without incurring extra costs.
  • A lot of aquariums from this manufacturer are not only high quality, but are also very beautiful to look at.
  • High-grade insulation is used in the tanks, enabling the temperature to be better regulated.

Clear-for-Life have also gathered plenty of publicity through their popular UniQuariums. Since these are the top-of-the-range products offered by the company, you can’t expect to get a cheap deal. However, there is no plumbing or drilling necessary with these tanks, making them perfect for beginners or those who want something as simple as just adding water.

Although Clear-for-Life tanks are notably more expensive than other such products, the vast majority of customers are hugely satisfied with the quality. This manufacturer doesn’t make any other products besides fish tanks, which means it can concentrate all efforts onto producing some of the best quality aquariums on the market today.

Top Fin

TopFin Aquatic LogoPetSmart’s home brand for all things aquarium, you can get almost anything with the name Top Fin, from starter kits to filters to ornaments.

A lot of the Top Fin starter kits are popular products, particularly the 55-Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit, which certainly went down well with customers. A lot of beginners to keeping fish seem to choose these products due to their simplicity and ease of setting up.

In the past, Top Fin bottles of water dechlorinator were recalled after the liquid inside was actually bacteria supplement, and last year, PetSmart recalled plastic aquarium heaters after a risk of electric shock was discovered. However, the problem was rectified instantly and no harm occurred as a result of the heaters. Customers were offered full refunds for the products, showing that PetSmart place a lot of emphasis on their good customer service.

DeepBlue Professional

DeepBlue Professional Aquariums LogoThis manufacturer creates everything you could possibly wish for when it comes to aquariums, including heaters, filters, décor and tanks. DeepBlue Professional prides itself in providing quality items at affordable prices.

One of the features exclusive to this manufacturer which many existing customers love is the black silicone that is used in the creation of the aquariums. This makes them even more durable and strong, and adds a bold and beautiful look to the tanks.

Another optional feature of most of the tanks is the tempered glass, and is available when purchasing tanks such as the 1.5-Gallon 3-way Betta Tank Kit and the 75-Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium. While many customers have commented on the strength and durability which this brings, other customers aren’t too impressed, so this one really is a matter of opinion.

The vast majority of their products have excellent reviews of Amazon, and with such a variety of products available, you can find almost anything you want for your aquarium.


Marineland LogoPreviously known as Perfecto Manufacturing, Marineland is a company which began is 1968 and has been striving to produce quality goods ever since. With a strong history of innovation, this company, much like DeepBlue Professional, has a huge range of products available.

Marineland has received typically excellent reviews for their aquariums and tanks, but customers were less impressed with their LED lighting systems, with several people stating that they did not last as long as expected or advertised. Heaters and filters have generally been rated as being good, and food and water care products are popular with customers.

A popular Marineland product is the Marineland Desktop Kit, a small tank which is available in either 3-gallon or 5-gallon sizes. With an adjustable flow filter pump and a hinged or sliding canopy making it easy to feed your pet fish, they’re easy to assemble and make a perfect addition to a living room or office.


Tetra LogoApart from manufacturing aquariums and other aquatic products, Tetra also produces large vivariums and reptile enclosures.
This is a good company to use if you’re looking for food and water care products for your fish. Some of the highest ratings which they’ve received are for products such as water conditioner and water treatment tablets.

Tetra is also well-known for its small, budget aquarium kits. As a branch of the larger company, Marineland, it seeks to provide quality and affordability in all its products. The LED Betta Tank Kit, for example, is just $20 to purchase, yet has received excellent reviews from customers.

For beginners, a lot of information can be found on their website, which is one of the reasons why it targets those who perhaps have had little experience with aquariums. There are great deals on Amazon for those who are looking to start an aquarium or upgrade to something larger and better.

SC Aquariums

SC Starfire Aquariums LogoAlthough Starfire glass tanks can be more expensive than others, many aquarium experts believe that if you can afford it, you should buy one. SC Aquariums specialises in Starfire glass tanks, and the quality does not disappoint.

You can find many of these aquariums for sale on Amazon. Searching through their products on this website also gives you the chance to read the many glowing reviews which have been left by previous buyers, many of them 5-star ratings.

One of the features which many customers seem to like about these tanks is the rimless style, and several people recommended using colourful LED lights to add to the beauty of the aquarium. While SC Aquariums does not manufacture anything except for the tanks, you can easily buy other supplies for your aquarium from one of the other manufacturers mentioned.

Many Starfire aquariums are pre-plumbed, making them ideal for reef tanks. Aquatic fans generally don’t like the hassle of plumbing once they have purchased tanks, so these are an easier option and can look beautiful too.

If you’re on a budget, these tanks might not be the most suitable choice for you, since you can expect to pay around $750 for a 66-Gallon Starfire aquarium. However, you’re unlikely to find tanks of this quality at a much cheaper price.


Sea Clear LogoIn terms of price, you should expect to pay roughly $200 for a 30-Gallon aquarium from SeaClear. This manufacturer boasts itself in providing tanks that are almost unbreakable and virtually leak-proof. However, the durability and sturdiness doesn’t make them heavier, since they are designed using acrylic materials which makes them more lightweight than similarly-sized products.

Not only does the acrylic material make these tanks so strong yet lightweight, but users can also put salt water in the tanks without having to worry about erosion – something which is a common problem with glass tanks.

Apart from producing aquatic products, SeaClear is a company which specialises in the design and installation of tanks. One of their popular tanks is the 50-Gallon Rectangular Aquarium Combo, which has attractive rounded edges.

SeaClear is a suitable manufacturer for those who want something stable, yet don’t have a large budget which caters for aquariums such as those made by Starfire. Customers tend to comment often on their customer service, which is second to none.


Aqueon Logo - It's all about the fish.Products from Aqueon are designed by those who are truly passionate about aquatics. It was previously known as All Glass Aquariums, a company which provided quality aquariums to customers. Buyers have reported that even after the name change, the products remain of the same good quality.

With the slogan “It’s all about the fish”, this manufacturer offers starter kits, food, furniture, water care, filtration products, décor, lighting and much more. Much like DeepBlue Professional, you can buy everything you need for your tank right here.

Aqueon has hundreds of excellent reviews for its filter systems and tanks, and is regarded as one of the world’s largest aquarium manufacturers. People who have used their tanks for years have reported that the quality is impeccable, and many believe that they are of better quality than products from Marineland.

This manufacturer produces many desktop aquariums, in small sizes ranging from one to five gallons, giving every customer the chance to choose the perfect tank. The 2.5-Gallon Desktop Kit comes with a filter to keep the water consistently clean, has an appealing design and can be purchased for less than $80.

Aqueon is a well-established company which has managed to build up a huge customer base over several years. You can find many plastic starter kits priced at around $50 or less, which are perfect for anyone looking to start an aquarium and build up their experience.

Time for you to choose your Aquarium and Manufacturer

It’s clear to see that although different aquatic manufacturers offer the same type of products, you can choose the best one for you based on the suitability. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your individual needs in terms of what you want from an aquarium, but researching different products and manufacturers is the best way forward.

Marineland 75 Gallon Aquarium Majesty Ensemble – Review & Spec

The Marineland 75 gallon aquarium majesty ensemble provides a functional, stylish platform to kick off your aquarium project the right way. The massive 75 gallon glass tank is planted securely on top of a tasteful black stand (included) that provides all of the support necessary to safely support your aquarium.

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For an ensemble of this size, it’s nice to purchase both the tank and the stand at the same time to eliminate any potential problems when it comes to finding a suitable stand to support your tank (or vice versa).

This isn’t a full kit, but it includes all of the basics needed to start your build, allowing you to customize the individual components (like filter and heater) to match your unique goals. It does come with a matching glass canopy with integrated LED lighting to ensure a proper fit and adequate lighting across the interior of the tank.


These LED lights provide extremely improved lifespan beyond traditional lights, all while drawing much less electricity than other types of lighting options. The glass canopy allows natural ambient light to further penetrate the top of the tank, reducing the workload demanded from the LEDs.

With a limited lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about defects that take a while to make themselves apparent. At 48 inches wide, 21 inches high, and 18 inches deep, the tank balances capacity and frontal viewing area to produce an impressive profile. The stand further elevates the tank to a total of 50 inches tall, while only adding 2 inches to the width.


Perfecto 93 Gallon Frame-less Cube Aquarium – Reviewed

This Perfecto 93 Gallon Tank is a frameless near-cube that measures 30 inches by 30 inches by 25 inches and weighs about 140 pounds before shipping materials. What that means for you is that is is a sturdy and solid 93 gallon aquarium that will perfectly fit your needs, no matter what type of fish that you are planning to keep in it.

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This tank features Corner-Flo technology and has a lifetime warranty if you use it with an aquarium stand that is intended to hold the weight. It also gives you an extra three gallons for some added space and that will make you the envy of even those with 80 or 90 gallon aquarium tanks.

This is a Marineland product, the parent company of fine names in the aquarium industry like Tetra and Perfecto, the brand name of this particular product. This redesigned cube features modern, sleek and stylish lines without black plastic frames that make your tank look cheap and take away from the appearance of the aquatic habitat.

Customers love these frame-less environments for that very reason – they are absolutely gorgeous and they are compatible with fine Marineland products like LED and fluorescent lighting as well as over the tank filters, canister filters and many other products as well as décor and accessories.

Perfecto Manufacturing / Marineland 55-Gallon Aquarium Reviewed

The 55 gallon APF10556 aquarium tank from Perfecto Manufacturing / Marineland is a nice, classic glass tank suitable for starting your large aquarium setup. It’s a glass tank, so it weighs around 60 pounds and will require delicate care when setting up.

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Once in place, however, it’s capable of offering a lifetime of enjoyment and ease of use. For large tanks like this, glass offers the advantage of being easily cleanable as the interior walls get covered in gunk over time. It’s a suitable material for any type of setup. Freshwater and saltwater species will be equally at home in this large volume tank.

It is 4 feet long, so you will need a suitable stand capable of supporting both the size and weight of this tank. Never take any chances when it comes to the safety of your fish and your home. One nice thing about a tank of this size is the presence of plenty of room for the addition of décor and plants. It is even an ideal home to start your own coral reef, should you go with a saltwater environment and have an interest in caring for a reef.

Large capacity tanks like this offer room for error when chemical corrections are concerned. As such, it’s actually an even more suitable tank for a beginner than a smaller aquarium would be. Pair this bare tank with a filter, pump, heater, and some lights, and you’ll be well on your way to an enjoyable aquarium right in your home. Check availability of for the Perfecto Manufacturing 55 Gal APF10556 Fish tank here.

12 Top 55 Gallon Aquariums, Kits and Fish Tanks Shortlisted

A 55 gallon aquarium can provide years of enjoyment and house a variety of fish species. To help you make an educated decision, we’ve collected a list of the top 12 options available for 50 to 55 gallon aquarium setups.

Our Choice for the Best Top 3  55 Gallon Aquariums :

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Some of these are full kits, while others are bare tanks that allow you to customize your setup. No matter what you’re looking for, one of these is sure to fit your needs. Here’s the list (in no particular order):

  1. MARINELAND® BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit

MarineLand LED 55 Gallon Aquarium in Packaging

The MARINELAND® BioWheel LED Aquarium Kit is a glass tank that measures 48” in length x 13″ wide x 20″ high and offers 55 gallons of water capacity. It’s a long, sleek looking tank that looks great on any wall.

This option is a full kit, and includes everything you need – right down to the fish food. The only thing not included is the actual fish. By using LED lights, you get the best combination of effective lighting, energy savings, and long life. The BioWheel filter ensures your fish have a clear, clean environment.

Click to read more about the Marineland BioWheel 55 Gallon Tank, detailed in our in depth guide.

  1. The Top Fin 55 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

55 Gallon Top Fin Fish Tank Kit

The Top Fin 55 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit is a glass tank that measures 48.25” in length x 12.75″ wide x 20″ high and comes as part of a full kit with everything you need. The 200W heater keeps your fish comfortable no matter what temperature they prefer, as it can be dialed in to any one of a number of temperature settings.

Included documentation ensures you know how to assemble all of the included parts and can be on the fast track to introducing your first fish to their new aquatic home. This tank kit is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep it simple, yet still end up with an impressive aquarium to enjoy at the end of a long day.

Perfect for those looking to get started with a small budget, read more about the Top Fin 55 Gal Aquarium on MyAquarium here.

  1. The MARINELAND® 56 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble

The MARINELAND 56 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble is a glass tank that measures 48” in length x 13″ wide x 20″ high and includes a stylish stand to support the actual tank. This is a great pair for anyone wanting to get up and running quick, without having to drive around town trying to find the perfect stand first.

It doesn’t include the internal components of an aquarium, so this is a great choice for anyone wanting to customize their own setup. You can choose your own filters, pump, and heating system. Lighting is, however, included via bright LED lights that will produce plenty of output for years to come. See our detailed product description and statistics for the Marineland 55 Gallon Ensemble here.

  1. Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Hexagon Aquarium

Clear-For-Life Hexagonal 55 Gallon Aquarium

The Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Hexagon Aquarium is an acrylic tank that measures 29” in length x 25″ wide x 24″ high that provides a very different overall profile from the other options available.

It’s unique in that you can walk around the aquarium and enjoy a view of your fish from nearly any angle. As such, you could put this tank up against a wall, or place it closer to the center of the room to allow you to watch your fish wherever they may be hiding.

This is a tank only product rather than a kit, so you can still select your own components – making this tank equally suitable for freshwater or saltwater tanks. Coral reefs look amazing in the center of this hexagon. MyAquarium has collated further details on this Hexagon fish tank, read more…

  1. The Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium

Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

The Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium is an acrylic tank that measures 48” in length x 13″ wide x 20″ high and is a perfect choice for anyone wanting a large capacity fish tank without the hassle of a heavy, fragile glass aquarium.

With 50% less weight than a comparable glass aquarium, you’ll be able to move, install, and transport this tank with ease, and have minimal worries about leakage or cracks. This product is the tank itself, so you’ll need to select the other necessary components manually. Continued…

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  1. The Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Rectangle UniQuarium

55 Gallon Clear-For-Life UniQuarium

The Clear-For-Life 55 Gallon Rectangle UniQuarium is an acrylic tank that measures 36” in length x 18″ wide x 20″ high and could be called a partial kit. In addition to the tank itself, you’ll get an integrated filtration system designed to keep the water crystal clear at all times.

The top hood is setup to make wiring your lighting an easy job, so you can cross that task off your list quickly. As a non-conventionally shaped acrylic tank, this option offers a unique combination of aquarium features. For further details of the UniQuarium design the article continues here.

  1. The Perfecto Manufacturing APF10556 55-Gallon Aquarium Tank

Perfecto Marineland 55 Gallon Glass Aquarium

The Perfecto Manufacturing APF10556 55-Gallon Aquarium Tank is a glass tank that measures 48” in length x 13″ wide x 20″ high. By keeping to a sleek, long profile, your fish end up with plenty of room to dash from one end of the tank to the other, creating a captivating show that anyone would love to watch. Albeit a simple tank we have further information, read more by clicking here.

  1. Aqueon LED 55 Gal Aquarium Kit

Aqueon 55 Gal LED Tank Complete Kit

The Aqueon 55 LED Aquarium Kit is a glass tank that measures 48.25” in length x 12.75″ wide x 23.75″ high and comes from their premium range. Everything you need to get started is neatly packaged and easily accessible, while the clearly written instructions ensure you’re off to a quick start, even if this is your very first aquarium project including a 200w heater, quietflow heater and slimline LED hood.

LED lighting ensures your fish are easy to see at all times, generating less heat and using less electricity thank fluorescent counterparts. The high light transmission properties of the Aqueon glass afford a better view of your aquarium than most would be able to offer. Further details of the complete kit continue….

  1. Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium

Clear-for-life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium

The Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium is an acrylic tank that measures 24” in length x 24″ wide x 24″ high and offers an untraditional shape.

The triangle-like design awards a better view of the internal composition of your aquarium, allowing you to see more of your fish. Since this is a unique tank design, it’s not part of a kit, allowing anyone to find the right components for their needs. This is a great option for both saltwater, freshwater, marine, plant, and coral based aquatic environments. At MyAquarium we have taken time to detail further, find out more information about the 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium here.

  1. SeaClear Rectangular Aquarium Combo in Cobalt Blue 50 Gallon

SeaClear 50 Gallon Fish Tank

The SeaClear 50 Gallon Rectangular Aquarium Combo in Cobalt Blue is an acrylic tank that measures 36” in length x 15″ wide x 20″ high and features a nice shade of cobalt blue on the backdrop, creating a peaceful waterscape for your fish to swim against. The clear acrylic allows more light through, enhancing the serenity of your tank.

Molecular bonding is used to join the seams, ensuring a leak-proof experience from the factory, and a manufacturer warranty ensures you can enjoy your aquarium for years without experiencing any leaking issues. Find further research into the SeaClear Cobalt blue aquarium here….

  1. Starfire Rimless 50 Gallon Aquarium with Central Overflow

Rimless Starfire 50 Gallon Glass Aquarium

This 50 Gallon Starfire Aquarium with Center Overflow doubles up as both a fish tank and a piece of beauty. Standing at 24x24x20″with made from sturdy 10mm glass is a cubic design perfect for a fresh or saltwater setup. This allows you to hold the full 50 gallons of water in a much smaller footprint than other tanks, so this is a great tank option for smaller spaces.

This is a tank rather than a kit, so be prepared to buy the filter, heater, and lighting. See further details here.

  1. The Marineland 56 Gallon Column Aquarium Ensemble

56 Gallon Marineland Fish Tank with Stand

The Marineland 56 Gallon Column Aquarium Ensemble is a glass tank that measures 48.25” in length x 12.75″ Width x 20.187″ high and comes with a 30 inch tall stand. The stand itself is stylish and minimalistic, with storage compartments hidden by doors.

This tank is a great start to your aquarium. It’s not a full kit, so you can pick out the internal components individually, based on your needs. Read more for a detailed product description and specifics here.

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Making Your Decision

These tanks are our top recommendations for a 50 to 55 gallon aquarium. Choosing the best one for you will depend on your space requirements, desire to pick out your own components or simply stick with an all-in-one kit, and your budget. No matter what you’re looking for, one of these tanks is sure to fit the bill.

If you’ve a slightly bigger budget and would a slightly more challenging aquarium try reading our 75 Gallon Aquarium top list.