Top Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Kit – Reviewed & Spec’d.

Suited to both Fresh and Salt water applications the Top Fin 75 Gallon Aquarium is ideal for becoming your aquatic pride and joy. This aquarium will draw the eye immediately because of its size and it will look even better after you decorate it with your favorite aquascaping. It features thick glass and center braced frames that prevent the glass from bowing. It is strong and durable and has no problem holding your fish, small animals and reptiles along with the water or other accessories that they need. It features 2 24” fluorescent hood lamps to light up your aquarium and make it look incredible, and you can trust Top Fin because it is a brand under PetSmart, the leader in pets, pet accessories and pet food.

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The hood has two glass tops with plastic sliders, allowing you to customize the setup and install your own filteration system. Once filled with water, gravel and decorations the tank weighs roughly 700lbs thus best suits a purpose built stand or cupboard. Many purchasers have chosen to use the product for reptiles and small pets as it provides plenty of space to roam.


Tetra Reptile 75-Gallon STS26926 Deluxe Slide Door Enclosure – Review & Spec

The Tetra STS26926 with deluxe sliding door is a 75 gallon cage that is perfect as a vivarium – a habitat for reptiles. It has a screened top with solid construction, made out of metal and you can easily open the door with one hand. This TetraFauna vivarium has a unique design that allowed for draining and returns. There is a hole in the lower pane of glass with the return port in the center of the back panel. Tetra is part of the Marineland family of products so you can depend upon them for quality and reliability.

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If you want the perfect display cage to keep reptiles like snakes, lizards and more, then the Tetra Usa vivarium is a great choice. It features a lower panel bulkhead that allows the tank to sit sturdily on a stage or a table if the drain isn’t going to be used. The ventilation track on the door handle not only has a locking mechanism, but it can be used with a padlock. Fill capacity is 75 gallons. When you have a reptile, they need the right amount of space to move around and you want to have plenty of space to put the accessories that you are going to use to give them hot and cool zones as well as spruce it up to your own creative vision. This is the perfect aquarium / vivarium / reptile enclosure to do that with.

Take a look for stock availability at Amazon here.

Tetra 75 Gallon STS26923 Reptile Enclosure & Vivarium – Review & Spec

This Reptile Enclosure by TetraFauna is innovative because of the way that the locking screen allows for a one handed operation. It is extremely durable and has three different cam locks. One of those cam locks can even be fitted with a padlock. And you don’t have to worry about the dangers of keeping small or even tiny reptiles or feeding your animals too small of prey because the back lip runs the full length of the screen, preventing the escape of insects, tiny reptile species and young. The back frame of the habitat is punched out so that you can route your cord without it being in the way.

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There are a lot of great features with the Tetra USA (part of the Marineland Family) reptile enclosure, commonly called a vivarium. It is 75 gallon capacity so your reptiles have plenty of places to run and be active and you can create the right warm and cool zones so that your animals are comfortable. TetraFauna is well-known for making secure and comfortable products for your animals, and you can depend upon solid metal construction and perfect seams to create a habitat that will last for many years to come and will last through any heating materials you want to put inside.

Starfire Rimless 50 Gallon Aquarium with Center Overflow – Review

This 50 gallon tank from Starfire Aquariums is close to cube shape, at two feet long, two feet wide, and 20 inches tall. One unique feature is its predrilled holes for use in conjunction with a drain and return.

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These holes include a return T pipe, a durso pipe, overflow, drain bulkhead, and return bulkhead. You can even purchase a sump system from the same manufacturer to provide simple installation of this advanced feature.

This glass cubic tank has a stylish black backdrop with black borders on the joined glass corners. A solid black background such as this offers a non-distracting surface to see your fish against. It’s much more attractive than other tanks with a clear back (nobody’s wall is all that enjoyable to stare at), and in comparison to white or colored backdrops, it lets you see your fish better as they are illuminated from the lights above.

Starfire Fish Tank Setup Instructions

By still offering the same 50 gallon capacity of larger tanks in a very small footprint, it’s suitable for those wanting a large aquarium in a tight space. It’s only two feet wide and two feet deep, so you can rest this aquarium on a slim profile stand that doesn’t demand a ton of room from you.

This is a solid foundation for your aquarium, but it’s not a complete kit, so you’ll need some basic extras – namely a filter (with pump), lights, and a heater. Those components aren’t difficult to source and can be made in the same online order. Find and check the stock availability of the Starfire Rimless 50 Gallon Aquarium here

Reptile Aquariums & Vivariums: What Do You Need?

If you are planning on keeping reptiles, they have some pretty specific needs. What specifically you need will depend upon the reptile and the environment that they come from. You’ll literally build a different vivarium (fish live in aquariums, reptiles live in vivariums) for each species, be it a snake, turtle or lizard. In order to make sure that your new pet stays happy and healthy, you should make sure that you have researched the following four items and have appropriated your reptile’s needs as closely as possible.

Temperature Settings

You probably already know that reptiles are cold-blooded which means that they can’t generate their own body heat. That means that they rely on external heat in order to stay warm or cool – at the perfect temperature in other words. Different reptiles prefer different environments, but a good average temperature is about 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher for some species that are used to being in the desert.

This means that you’ll need a heater of some sort with thermometer for your vivarium. However, depending upon the reptile, maintaining the right temperature can be complex. The best way to do it is to keep part of the vivarium warmer than others and let your reptile decide where he or she wants to go. There are a number of devices that you can use to heat your cage: blankets, hot rocks, lights or actual heating units. Each species is different, but remember that they move in and out of the sun to maintain temperature so plan accordingly.

Vivarium Humidity

The amount of moisture in your reptile cage will need to be monitored as well. The humidity will depend upon temperature, the type of ventilation built in and the amount of water being introduced into your vivarium. You can increase humidity when needed by spraying water or putting standing water inside the cage. Again, the humidity needed will vary depending upon the reptile.

Create a Large Space

Make sure that your reptile has plenty of space to move around. If your cage is too small, or if you have too many reptiles in the cage, you will not only annoy the animals, but you may upset the other factors like temperature and humidity – particularly with overcrowding.

Introduce UV Light

Reptiles that spend time in the sun do so because they get vitamin D3 from the sunlight. If your have a reptiles that requires this, you will have to introduce an ultraviolet light into the vivarium. This is because the type of light bulbs that are normally in a household do not provide UV radiation. Make sure that you place is so that you reptile will be about 12 inches away from it when underneath it.