Which is the Most Suitable Aquarium Manufacturer For You?

With such a huge variety of manufacturers which specialise in aquariums and supplies for your pet fish, it can be a struggle to decide which one to use for different products. One manufacturer might seem to be better for filters, whereas another is clearly the best choice for gravel or algae scrapers.

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Clear-For-Life Aquariums Logo

The Clear-for-Life aquarium products are manufactured by Advanced Aqua Tanks, a company which is widely regarded as one of the leading brands in the industry. Here are some popular features of Clear-for-Life:

  • The aquariums come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which gives the buyer peace of mind that any leakage problems will be fixed without incurring extra costs.
  • A lot of aquariums from this manufacturer are not only high quality, but are also very beautiful to look at.
  • High-grade insulation is used in the tanks, enabling the temperature to be better regulated.

Clear-for-Life have also gathered plenty of publicity through their popular UniQuariums. Since these are the top-of-the-range products offered by the company, you can’t expect to get a cheap deal. However, there is no plumbing or drilling necessary with these tanks, making them perfect for beginners or those who want something as simple as just adding water.

Although Clear-for-Life tanks are notably more expensive than other such products, the vast majority of customers are hugely satisfied with the quality. This manufacturer doesn’t make any other products besides fish tanks, which means it can concentrate all efforts onto producing some of the best quality aquariums on the market today.

Top Fin

TopFin Aquatic LogoPetSmart’s home brand for all things aquarium, you can get almost anything with the name Top Fin, from starter kits to filters to ornaments.

A lot of the Top Fin starter kits are popular products, particularly the 55-Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit, which certainly went down well with customers. A lot of beginners to keeping fish seem to choose these products due to their simplicity and ease of setting up.

In the past, Top Fin bottles of water dechlorinator were recalled after the liquid inside was actually bacteria supplement, and last year, PetSmart recalled plastic aquarium heaters after a risk of electric shock was discovered. However, the problem was rectified instantly and no harm occurred as a result of the heaters. Customers were offered full refunds for the products, showing that PetSmart place a lot of emphasis on their good customer service.

DeepBlue Professional

DeepBlue Professional Aquariums LogoThis manufacturer creates everything you could possibly wish for when it comes to aquariums, including heaters, filters, décor and tanks. DeepBlue Professional prides itself in providing quality items at affordable prices.

One of the features exclusive to this manufacturer which many existing customers love is the black silicone that is used in the creation of the aquariums. This makes them even more durable and strong, and adds a bold and beautiful look to the tanks.

Another optional feature of most of the tanks is the tempered glass, and is available when purchasing tanks such as the 1.5-Gallon 3-way Betta Tank Kit and the 75-Gallon Reef Ready Glass Aquarium. While many customers have commented on the strength and durability which this brings, other customers aren’t too impressed, so this one really is a matter of opinion.

The vast majority of their products have excellent reviews of Amazon, and with such a variety of products available, you can find almost anything you want for your aquarium.


Marineland LogoPreviously known as Perfecto Manufacturing, Marineland is a company which began is 1968 and has been striving to produce quality goods ever since. With a strong history of innovation, this company, much like DeepBlue Professional, has a huge range of products available.

Marineland has received typically excellent reviews for their aquariums and tanks, but customers were less impressed with their LED lighting systems, with several people stating that they did not last as long as expected or advertised. Heaters and filters have generally been rated as being good, and food and water care products are popular with customers.

A popular Marineland product is the Marineland Desktop Kit, a small tank which is available in either 3-gallon or 5-gallon sizes. With an adjustable flow filter pump and a hinged or sliding canopy making it easy to feed your pet fish, they’re easy to assemble and make a perfect addition to a living room or office.


Tetra LogoApart from manufacturing aquariums and other aquatic products, Tetra also produces large vivariums and reptile enclosures.
This is a good company to use if you’re looking for food and water care products for your fish. Some of the highest ratings which they’ve received are for products such as water conditioner and water treatment tablets.

Tetra is also well-known for its small, budget aquarium kits. As a branch of the larger company, Marineland, it seeks to provide quality and affordability in all its products. The LED Betta Tank Kit, for example, is just $20 to purchase, yet has received excellent reviews from customers.

For beginners, a lot of information can be found on their website, which is one of the reasons why it targets those who perhaps have had little experience with aquariums. There are great deals on Amazon for those who are looking to start an aquarium or upgrade to something larger and better.

SC Aquariums

SC Starfire Aquariums LogoAlthough Starfire glass tanks can be more expensive than others, many aquarium experts believe that if you can afford it, you should buy one. SC Aquariums specialises in Starfire glass tanks, and the quality does not disappoint.

You can find many of these aquariums for sale on Amazon. Searching through their products on this website also gives you the chance to read the many glowing reviews which have been left by previous buyers, many of them 5-star ratings.

One of the features which many customers seem to like about these tanks is the rimless style, and several people recommended using colourful LED lights to add to the beauty of the aquarium. While SC Aquariums does not manufacture anything except for the tanks, you can easily buy other supplies for your aquarium from one of the other manufacturers mentioned.

Many Starfire aquariums are pre-plumbed, making them ideal for reef tanks. Aquatic fans generally don’t like the hassle of plumbing once they have purchased tanks, so these are an easier option and can look beautiful too.

If you’re on a budget, these tanks might not be the most suitable choice for you, since you can expect to pay around $750 for a 66-Gallon Starfire aquarium. However, you’re unlikely to find tanks of this quality at a much cheaper price.


Sea Clear LogoIn terms of price, you should expect to pay roughly $200 for a 30-Gallon aquarium from SeaClear. This manufacturer boasts itself in providing tanks that are almost unbreakable and virtually leak-proof. However, the durability and sturdiness doesn’t make them heavier, since they are designed using acrylic materials which makes them more lightweight than similarly-sized products.

Not only does the acrylic material make these tanks so strong yet lightweight, but users can also put salt water in the tanks without having to worry about erosion – something which is a common problem with glass tanks.

Apart from producing aquatic products, SeaClear is a company which specialises in the design and installation of tanks. One of their popular tanks is the 50-Gallon Rectangular Aquarium Combo, which has attractive rounded edges.

SeaClear is a suitable manufacturer for those who want something stable, yet don’t have a large budget which caters for aquariums such as those made by Starfire. Customers tend to comment often on their customer service, which is second to none.


Aqueon Logo - It's all about the fish.Products from Aqueon are designed by those who are truly passionate about aquatics. It was previously known as All Glass Aquariums, a company which provided quality aquariums to customers. Buyers have reported that even after the name change, the products remain of the same good quality.

With the slogan “It’s all about the fish”, this manufacturer offers starter kits, food, furniture, water care, filtration products, décor, lighting and much more. Much like DeepBlue Professional, you can buy everything you need for your tank right here.

Aqueon has hundreds of excellent reviews for its filter systems and tanks, and is regarded as one of the world’s largest aquarium manufacturers. People who have used their tanks for years have reported that the quality is impeccable, and many believe that they are of better quality than products from Marineland.

This manufacturer produces many desktop aquariums, in small sizes ranging from one to five gallons, giving every customer the chance to choose the perfect tank. The 2.5-Gallon Desktop Kit comes with a filter to keep the water consistently clean, has an appealing design and can be purchased for less than $80.

Aqueon is a well-established company which has managed to build up a huge customer base over several years. You can find many plastic starter kits priced at around $50 or less, which are perfect for anyone looking to start an aquarium and build up their experience.

Time for you to choose your Aquarium and Manufacturer

It’s clear to see that although different aquatic manufacturers offer the same type of products, you can choose the best one for you based on the suitability. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your individual needs in terms of what you want from an aquarium, but researching different products and manufacturers is the best way forward.

Tetra Reptile 75-Gallon STS26926 Deluxe Slide Door Enclosure – Review & Spec

The Tetra STS26926 with deluxe sliding door is a 75 gallon cage that is perfect as a vivarium – a habitat for reptiles. It has a screened top with solid construction, made out of metal and you can easily open the door with one hand. This TetraFauna vivarium has a unique design that allowed for draining and returns. There is a hole in the lower pane of glass with the return port in the center of the back panel. Tetra is part of the Marineland family of products so you can depend upon them for quality and reliability.

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If you want the perfect display cage to keep reptiles like snakes, lizards and more, then the Tetra Usa vivarium is a great choice. It features a lower panel bulkhead that allows the tank to sit sturdily on a stage or a table if the drain isn’t going to be used. The ventilation track on the door handle not only has a locking mechanism, but it can be used with a padlock. Fill capacity is 75 gallons. When you have a reptile, they need the right amount of space to move around and you want to have plenty of space to put the accessories that you are going to use to give them hot and cool zones as well as spruce it up to your own creative vision. This is the perfect aquarium / vivarium / reptile enclosure to do that with.

Take a look for stock availability at Amazon here.

Tetra 75 Gallon STS26923 Reptile Enclosure & Vivarium – Review & Spec

This Reptile Enclosure by TetraFauna is innovative because of the way that the locking screen allows for a one handed operation. It is extremely durable and has three different cam locks. One of those cam locks can even be fitted with a padlock. And you don’t have to worry about the dangers of keeping small or even tiny reptiles or feeding your animals too small of prey because the back lip runs the full length of the screen, preventing the escape of insects, tiny reptile species and young. The back frame of the habitat is punched out so that you can route your cord without it being in the way.

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There are a lot of great features with the Tetra USA (part of the Marineland Family) reptile enclosure, commonly called a vivarium. It is 75 gallon capacity so your reptiles have plenty of places to run and be active and you can create the right warm and cool zones so that your animals are comfortable. TetraFauna is well-known for making secure and comfortable products for your animals, and you can depend upon solid metal construction and perfect seams to create a habitat that will last for many years to come and will last through any heating materials you want to put inside.

Choosing the Right Fish for Your Aquarium

Researching the type of fish best suited for your aquarium goals is a process that should be completed at the very beginning of your planning stage. Far too many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong kind of fish for their tank and end up with major problems down the road.

Here are the main questions you’ll want to ask when determining what type of fish to house:

  • How large do these fish grow?
  • How many fish do I want in my tank?
  • Do I want multiple kinds of fish? If so, do these fish types get along with each other?
  • Does this fish require freshwater or saltwater? Am I prepared for the extra cost and maintenance of a saltwater tank?
  • What kind of water conditions does this fish require?
  • Do these fish breed heavily? If so, do I have room to house multiple offspring?
  • Are there any specific ailments that plague this type of fish?

There are multiple books available that are specific to each species of fish. If you have your eye on a type, it makes sense to pick up a book written specifically for your target species. It will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that fish is actually the ideal choice for your goals.

Freshwater Fish Tank Options

If you want to keep it simple and cost effective, chances are you’ll choose a freshwater tank setup. Here are some of the more popular options for these basic tanks:

  • Danios: These small fish are strong, cheap, and tolerant of a wide range of water conditions. They are ideal as a first fish, since they can withstand a lot of abuse without being killed off. They also don’t grow incredibly large, so they can be used in a smaller tank.
  • Goldfish: Perhaps the most iconic pet to keep in a tank, the goldfish is a decent choice. Although often kept in small bowls at first, it’s important to remember that goldfish can grow to be quite large, so you’ll need adequate room – especially if you plan on keeping multiples of these fish.
  • White Cloud Minnow: This fish is comfortable in a wide range of water temperatures, and can even be kept in a tank that has no heating control over the water. As long as the room itself doesn’t fall below room temperature, these fish will be plenty happy in a basic tank.
  • Tetra: The tetra is another small type of fish that’s suitable for a beginning freshwater aquarium. These are fairly shy creatures, so they need plenty of nesting room to be happy. Although they may not show themselves as often as some fish, they are a lot of fun to watch when they do come out for a swim.
  • Betta: The betta fish is suitable for a fairly small tank, as they aren’t known for getting along well with others – especially other males. Although many people keep them in extremely small tanks, it’s humane to give them plenty of room to swim around and be happy.

Saltwater Fish Tank Options

If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic, you might decide on a saltwater tank instead. Although these fish are significantly more expensive, they can be quite spectacular to look at.

You might consider saltwater fish such as:

  • Butterfly fish: These small fish are beautiful to watch, with high contrast stripes that span the length of their bodies, painted in vibrant colors. Others have spots instead of stripes, or may even have random blobs of color instead.
  • Coral Beauty: This type of angelfish has a neon bright color and is easily one of the most beautiful types of saltwater fish that can be stored in a home aquarium. However, they require a lot of space, so you’ll want to steer clear unless your setup is 75 gallons or more.
  • Tangs: These fish come in just about every color you can imagine, but no matter what color it comes in, it’s sure to be vibrant. They are fast fish, so they need a lot of room to swim around. This fish is a great option for tanks that are even larger than 75 gallons.
  • Firefish: Want a fish that’s very small? Then the firefish might be a great choice for you. They don’t grow very large, but they still offer vibrant coloration and agile swimming ability.

Hopefully this guide helps you decide the best type of fish for your aquarium goals. Remember to do thorough research on your favorite fish type before making any decisions.