Top Fin 55 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit – Review & Spec


The Top Fin 55 gallon starter kit is a nice balance between convenience and tank size. It follows a non-traditional form factor, stretching 48.25” in length while remaining only just over 20” tall and 12.75” wide.

Top Fin 55 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit

Capacity55 Gallons
Dimensions48.25" Wide x 12.75" Long x 20.187" High
Type of HabitatAquatic
What's included?Two (24") Full Hoods with Flourescent Lights, Top Fin 60 Power Filter with 2 Cartridges, Adjustable 200w UL Heater, Strip Thermometer & 6" Net.
Price$ - Very Good Value.
SupplierPetSmart. Click here to check availability.

The result is a panoramic view of your fish, with an increased amount of surface area facing the viewer. Able to support a wide range of freshwater, saltwater, and marine fish, this tank will allow you to enjoy watching a variety of species race across the four foot length of their habitat.

A 200W electric heater provides a wide range of adjustment settings, allowing you to dial in the water temperature to better suit your specific species. A strip thermometer makes it easy for you to keep an eye on water conditions and catch any problems should they arise.

Dual hoods each contain their own set of fluorescent lighting to fully illuminate the length of the tank. The power filter comes with an extra cartridge to ensure you’re ready for your first maintenance session. Also included is a 6” fish net and a guide to getting started and maintaining your equipment over time.

The use of a glass tank helps reduce maintenance work, and allows the use of specific tools (like metal razor blades for scraping) that other tank materials can’t support. The internal capacity creates plenty of room for decorations and plants, ensuring your fish have a home to be proud of.

The use of a sturdy stand is highly recommended to ensure this tank is stable.

Click here to see current availablity at PetSmart

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