Top Fin 75 Gallon Hooded Aquarium Kit – Reviewed & Spec’d.


Suited to both Fresh and Salt water applications the Top Fin 75 Gallon Aquarium is ideal for becoming your aquatic pride and joy. This aquarium will draw the eye immediately because of its size and it will look even better after you decorate it with your favorite aquascaping. It features thick glass and center braced frames that prevent the glass from bowing. It is strong and durable and has no problem holding your fish, small animals and reptiles along with the water or other accessories that they need. It features 2 24” fluorescent hood lamps to light up your aquarium and make it look incredible, and you can trust Top Fin because it is a brand under PetSmart, the leader in pets, pet accessories and pet food.

Capacity75 Gallons
Dimensions48.5" Length x 18.5" Wide x 21.125" High
Type of HabitatAquatic, Reptile and Pet.
What's included?2no. 24" Full Fluorescent Hood Lamps
Price$ - Best Value 75 Gallon Tank on the market.

The hood has two glass tops with plastic sliders, allowing you to customize the setup and install your own filteration system. Once filled with water, gravel and decorations the tank weighs roughly 700lbs thus best suits a purpose built stand or cupboard. Many purchasers have chosen to use the product for reptiles and small pets as it provides plenty of space to roam.


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I’m looking for a new updated hood for my 75 gallon tank , it’s starting to come apart on me , orderedfrom amazon. Want something that will stay clean my tank is wood, so maybe something close to that that doesn’t dirty up easy , my led light sits on top so it gathers algae , please give me some ideas .

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